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Off we go…

Apologies for the lack of goods around here lately.  The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity as I’ve scurried to get both my office and my family prepped for my absence.
After more than a year of planning, tomorrow is the day I (and a good number of RA fans) leave for a ten day tour of Greece

The bags have been packed, then repacked, and there even seems to be room for all of the supplies I’m toting

I have the fixins to make about 500 dental hygiene kits to be donated for refuge relief. (along with some school supplies)  I think we’ll get it all there with no extra expense since it’s now all packed inthe luggage…all i can say is “Space Bags”

I’ll check in soon from Hellas.  Bon Voyage!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite enigma…or is it EnigRA?

How about a birthday riddle for the enigmatic man of the hour?

What walks on four legs in the morning,

two legs at midday, 

and three legs in the evening?

Does that riddle sound familiar?  It probably does since it is the famous “Riddle of the Sphinx.”  One can hardly refer to enigmas and riddles without including the Sphinx.

Not that sphinx...

Not that sphinx…

I’m talking about the famous Greek version of the Sphinx (Σφίγξ).  She (all the best monsters were female) had a human head, the haunches of a lion and was often depicted with the wings of a bird.

Sphinx with Oedipus Source

Sphinx with Oedipus

Pictured above with the famous Oedipus, she doesn’t look terribly dangerous, but looks can be deceiving.  As usual, there are several etymological stories relating to the Sphinx, but the common element is that she was a sort of curse on the city state of Thebes for some ancient transgression.  Stationed outside the city, she asked her riddle of all who passed her and devoured them all when they failed to answer correctly.  The situation had become so dire that the regent of Thebes…one Creon (of Antigone fame) promised the throne of Thebes to anyone who could answer the mysterious riddle.

Along came Oedipus (this is after he killed King Laius – who he didn’t know was his birth father – and before he married Jocasta – who he didn’t know was his birth mother…you can’t make this stuff up!) who took up the challenge and correctly answered the Sphinx’s riddle…when he did, she was so distraught that she flung herself off the mountainside.  Enigma of the Sphinx solved.

Now, I would never venture to argue that Richard Armitage devours those who misread his cues, but he has often been plenty enigmatic since joining the Twitterverse.  So then, in honor of the Sphinxine Birthday…let’s answer that riddle

Four legs in the morning:

four legs in the morning

Two legs at midday:

armitage grey suit


Three legs in the evening:

three legs in evening


Happy Birthday Richard Armitage!

Happy Armitage Day Armitageworld!!

3-2-1… Charity Auctions Are Now On

Featured Image -- 3230

A spectacular charity auction!

Guylty Pleasure

It was a long night, but now it is done: The charity auctions in honour of Richard Armitage’s birthday are now up and running over on eBay. After the quick post yesterday which only included my first trial auction (which is nonetheless real and running), let me now give you the full story:

Thanks to some donations from a fellow fan who prefers to remain unnamed, I am auctioning fan items in order to raise funds for charity. This comes off the back of our combined fundraising efforts last year when we donated a massive 1743 USD$ for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal in May and a mind-blowing 2586 USD$ to the Syrian Children’s Fund. That is over 4300 USD$ for good causes! Both donations were made through Save the Children, and I have decided to continue donating to them, in order to bolster the previously made contributions.

The situation for children in Syria is…

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Or rather 501!  Sometime, when I wasn’t looking, 501 lovely people followed this blog!!  In celebration, I thought I might illustrate a few other 500’s

There’s the Fiat 500…


both vintage

both vintage



and modern (good to know it still comes in Mylanta green!!)


The $500 bill (featuring William McKinley)

I've never laid eyes on one of these in the wild...

I’ve never laid eyes on one of these in the wild…


500 baby goats?

ummm....probably not all at once.

ummm….probably not all at once.

500 Jelly Belly’s

jelly belly

And last, but certainly not least:

501 followersd


Thank you to each and every one of you…whether old or new…for stopping by once and awhile!



Cucumeri condiendi sunt Richard Armitage!

Cucumeri condiendi sunt is a Latin verb construction known as a passive periphrastic, which is made up a gerundive (a verbal adjective) used with “sum” (Latin for “to be”).  It functions to indicate obligation or necessity.  For instance…one might say:

Armitage amandus est

Armitage MUST be loved…

(maybe so, but that ensemble is another story)

When a Latin speaker was trying to communicate absolute necessity of something, the passive periphrastic construction was the strongest way to do it.

Cucumeri condiendi sunt

The cucumbers must be pickled


Indeed they must…cucumbers wait for no man, woman or media event.  When they are ready, they are ready.

pickles 2016 crop

All in all, I sealed over 40 jars of cucumbers pickled in one form or another (that doesn’t include the several gallons that are cooling in refrigerated versions of the same in various kitchens) over the last week or so.   Having put Picklepalooza 2016 behind me, I’m glad I decided to do it, despite dragging my feet on the front end.  Bluntly, the pickles were really pissing me off.  You see, everything about the pickles is on the pickles’ schedule.  The pickles don’t care if I have other things to do, Cucumeri condiendi sunt when they condiendi sunt.

As I bowed to the pickle pressure, I also reflected that perhaps this is in part what bugs me so much about Armitage press events…the sort of implicitly necessary nature of them, and the fact that everything about them is on someone else’s terms.  As a fan, in theory, I want to participate in things related to Richard Armitage, but barring a few notable exceptions (the original Hobbit premiere is one) I invariably find myself somewhere between repelled and resentful of the whole media blitz operation.

A big part of the issue for me is that I simply don’t have the option of being able to dedicate live time to events like the Epix TCA Event where images and commentary flow out across several hours from various venues and segments of the event – they always conflict with some other obligation.  Invariably, if I try to pick things up piecemeal, I’m always left with the impression that I’ve missed something, or worse, I get totally overwhelmed with the magnitude of both the material coming out and the swell of response to it.  Presto!  There I am, either resentful that I missed something, or repelled by hoop-la and the chatter.  This is something that I have struggled with intermittently in my own approach to fandom – which may or may not ring a bell with others.

I’ve come to a couple of conclusions on this front.  Like the pickles, I will always have very little control over the timing or magnitude of the event.  However, unlike the pickles, which will turn and rot if they are not attended to, thanks to the efforts of so many other fans, those images and interviews are captured and can be sampled at a time and at a pace that I set.  This is a really important aspect of my fandom, that is, that *I* get to define it…that there is no “right way” to be a fan, no fandom scorecard recording participation or whether I like a suit or not…that what works for others may not for me, and vice versa and that my definition of my fandom is an ever evolving thing.   You know what?

That is just fine.

“Fine as frog hair!”

You may have noticed that I’ve been kind of an absentee blogger of late.  When blogs go silent, I always find myself wondering, “WHY?”  Is everything OK?  Has blogger X lost interest?  Just really busy?  Suffice it to say that the answer to the 2nd question is a resounding “NO”  I’ve definitely not lost interest, nor run out of things to talk about, I’m just hovering between answers to the first and last questions.  I’ve been in a personal funk the past couple of weeks…some of which is due the to loss of a very dear member of my church family.

Despite being 40 years my senior, and a itty bitty physical form, my dear friend Bev had a joie de vivre that made her seem far younger than her 85 years.  “Fine as frog hair,” was a typical response to an inquiry about her mood.  Not even cancer could fully quell her huge spirit.  Last November her oncologist informed her that she had about 4 months left on earth, to which she replied, “I’ll take 8.”  In true form, she lived every minute of the next eight months…despite battling through chemo and the toll it took on her already diminutive frame.  She was able to settle her own final affairs and stay in her own home until the end…entering hospice care for only one week before she died, surrounded by her loving family.  Upon hearing of her death my mother remarked, “She really lived until she died.”

By the time one reaches middle age, funerals are a part of life as the elder generation ages and passes on.  This funeral was different though…it was a first funeral service my children attended where they really knew the deceased.  Bev’s funeral was as much a celebration of her remarkable life as it was a mourning of her passing.  A spirit like hers lives on I think…in a myriad of ways.  I found this out first hand while preparing the food that would be served at the funeral luncheon.

As you may recall, I do a little catering on the side – particularly for church related peeps.  A few years ago, I catered a luncheon for my mom’s ecumenical church ladies groups, and Bev was among the diners.  She approached me after and asked me if I would cater her funeral dinner…using the same menu.  I immediately said, “Yes” and put it to the back of my mind since Bev wasn’t going anywhere right?  A couple of months ago, she came to me and confirmed that I would still do this quipping, “just watch the paper – when you see my obituary, you’ll know to get cookin’!”  All I could do was nod and laugh a little (while swallowing back a tear because I knew that this time she was serious).  

So, that is how I came to spend most of last week preparing a “lite luncheon” for 125.  Bev’s spirit was clearly on hand the morning of her service.  Several months before, as she was cleaning out her house, she gifted me with her well seasoned Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  Anyone who cooks is desirous of one of these…even if the OFF switch is a little quirky.  “The switch doesn’t catch all the way, so you have to unplug it to turn it off,” she cautioned me as I gratefully accepted her gift.   Apparently, I forgot that little fact as I was mixing up the chocolate buttercream cake frosting…I unplugged, lifted the mixing arm to scrape the bowl and then (forgetting to lower the mixing arm back into the bowl) I plugged it back in…chocolate frosting went flying all over the kitchen.  One of the other women in the kitchen said, “Bev is laughing now!”  We all laughed together as I scraped chocolate icing off the wall.  :)

20160714_134749.jpgThe luncheon was beautiful – we welcome a lot of non member funerals at our church and pride ourselves on hospitality – but everyone pulled out every stop for this event in honor of a most beloved friend…a most beloved friend who was a big fan of Americana and Pepsi!

I was very happy to be able to honor her memory by giving of one of my gifts, and her family seemed genuinely touched by all of the love that went in to the preparations, so it was well worth the week’s worth of job catch up I’ve been slogging through this week.  My career is the other area contributing to my current funk.  I’m at a bit of a crossroads. Since the beginning of the year, the Dean of my academic school has been planning for me to take on a larger administrative role withing the school, but this role is still not fully determined…despite the fact that it was supposed to have started officially on July 1.  As of today, six weeks from the beginning of the fall semester, I do not really know if or how my job and/or my income will change.  I do not function well under this level of uncertainty…especially when I am already fully booked for the fall semester AND will be in Greece for over two weeks at the start of it.

I honestly don’t know how people like Richard Armitage, who’s professional life is a matter of perennial fits and starts, handle that uncertaintly.  The number of “what ifs” I currently have in the air is exhausting – primarily because I can’t seem to force my brain to stop from turning the various outcome scenarios over again and again.  Then, just when I think that I might run stark raving mad, one thing will fall into place and I can re-center again.  That hasn’t quite happened yet, but I’m hoping it is around the corner…


because I’d really like a more permanent version of the peace I felt when I looked up last night and saw this….calm after a stormy day…in the sky above my house last night.  (I wish I’d had a better camera on hand – here for some other views)



Verbum Latinum Hodie: Non INTELLIGERE populo!

The Latin word for today is INTELLIGERE, a third conjugation verb (in the infinitive form) meaning to understand or comprehend.

wait what
After the past few days, the phrase non intelligere populo, the idiomatic Latin for “I do not understand people,” may become my new fandom mantra.  I’ve been observing the dynamics of this fandom for about four years now, and it has become very clear that certain patterns of behavior are quite predictable, and they inevitably provoke the same response from me.  This week, the predictable behaviors and my inevitable response have grown to the point of acute distraction, so I’m prompted to go on record in an attempt at some cathartic relief.  Please note that while I am remarking on general trends in the fandom, my reactions to them are mine – you may agree, you may not.  I am at no point saying that other fans do not have the right to feel the way they do, but their rights do not by definition negate mine or anyone else’s. 

My current declaratory mood vis a vis fandom might also be influenced by the fact that I’ve been reading Locke and Voltaire with my Aesthetics class…The Englightenment and the Age of Revolutions (July 4th is just around the corner…) that followed seem to have left a mark, so following is my Declaration of Fandom Independence…

When in the Course of fandom events, *ahem*

One of my major personal issues with the notion of fandom is the sort of artificial hierarchy that exists within it.  Obviously, as the expressed object of affection, Richard Armitage sits at the top of the hierarchical structure, and I acknowledge that in the sense that he is a remote figure of admiration for a lot of people to whom he is otherwise unconnected.  The problem is how this relates to me (and all of us) as a fan, but more importantly, as an individual.

Among the things that have been bugging me this week, and many times in the past, is the notion maintained by some fellow fans, whether it is implied or explicitly stated, that Richard Armitage is somehow better than the rest of us and as such, above question or reproach.  This is a notion that is central to my issues with hierarchy and I have fundamental problems with it and fan reactions that stem from it insofar as they often seek to discipline the reaction of other fans.

we're not worthy

Obviously, Richard Armitage enjoys (?) a celebrity status that I am unlikely to ever attain.  It’s a status he’s earned as a practitioner in a workplace that generates celebrities and it’s what drew me to him in the first place – he’s a talented, compelling actor.  He also appears to be a genuinely decent human being in a celebrity landscape that is known for a fair amount of questionable behavior.   These things make him stand out and are at the heart of why I have spent a whole lot of hours in the past four years offering accolades to his acting talent and admiring his humanitarian spirit.  I don’t put that kind of time into people and things I don’t care about.

The thing is, in my universe, these qualities alone don’t serve to nominate him or anyone else to the seemingly infallible, quasi-divine status that some fellow fans insist he is owed. (BTW…I am not saying that he believes this to be true of himself, nor that he can control the reactions of his fans)  While I can and do admire Richard Armitage, I don’t believe that celebrity, talent and basic decency make him better or more worthy as a human than me (or us).  I know dozens of people who are talented in their careers and who are decent human beings, so those qualities alone are not indicative of perfection or divinity.

I’ve never considered myself to be brimming with self-confidence, but here is what I know for sure in terms of my equality with Richard Armitage…I am of a similar age, of a similar socio-economic upbringing, better educated, well traveled, successful in my career and actively engaged in charitable and humanitarian work.  I suspect that I also share a fair amount of similarity with him in terms of social and political leanings.  In that sense, I put him basically on the level of a peer.   That is, while he is superior to me in wealth and celebrity, he is not in terms of age, education or human experience.  As such, while I would never argue that I am “better” than him (seriously…apart from being unsupportable, that is just plain rude) I also reject the notion that I (we) am inferior.

This putative Armitage Superiority Syndrome (I wonder if there is a catch acronym there?) is also at the heart of the other issue that is really getting under my skin lately…that being the increasingly pervasive notion (especially in the Twitterverse) that no one should ever, EVER dare to question or disagree with anything Richard Armitage utters.  Apart from being dangerously close to sycophancy of the first degree, this is neither realistic nor healthy within a community.

Since I’ve already established the reasons why I don’t consider myself (or any fan) to be inherently inferior to Richard Armitage, I’m puzzled as to why I (we) must not ever question or disagree with him.  Healthy discourse must include both questioning and reasoned critique.  I can’t imagine, that as an actor, Richard Armitage has never been on the receiving end of critical analysis of his performances from outsiders.   Constructive criticism is key to growth in all manner of areas and is not inherently indicative of censure, disapproval, or disdain (or disrespect, “hating”, etc).  

For instance, as a mother, I love my children unreservedly, but my unreserved and unconditional love for them does not mean that I abstain from telling them when they are being idiots.  My children are bright, clever and accomplished, but they are far from perfect in their behavior, in fact perfection is a horrible burden to impose on anyone.  I consider it my most important job in life to make sure that they understand that while I love them regardless, sometimes their behavior will draw my criticism.  When that criticism is offered, it is not out of malice or disrespect, it is to teach them how to make a better decision the next time.

I am also an educator, and a very large part of my job is offering constructive criticism on student performance.  Thus, reasoned critique is a central part of both my personal and professional life – both giving and receiving.  I don’t seek to humiliate or disrespect anyone, and I don’t think that I’m always right, but I do believe that we all have the right, and perhaps the responsibility to respond or disagree when something seems off to us.  This includes when that something is something related to Richard Armitage, yet I have regularly witnessed certain groups of fellow fans who stridently insist that no one has the right to do this.

Here’s where the situation gets out of control for me…increasingly often, the very same fans who insist that Richard Armitage must be sacrosanct from any disagreement or criticism, often labeling even the most benign comments as abusive or bullying, have absolutely no problem with turning right around and launching abhorrent, ugly invective at fellow fans.  The circularity of the logic is dizzying!

Here’s what it comes down to for me.  Everyone has the right to state their opinions.  That means everyone, me, you, Richard Armitage, everyone.  However, the right to state an opinion does not negate the rights of others to disagree with that opinion.   This applies to everyone as well.  Disagreement is not the issue here.  Disagreement and reasoned argument are central to healthy discussion.  It is when differing opinion morphs into vitriol and attack that discussion dies…and this seems to be happening far too often in fandom these days.

At the end of the day, I can only control my own behavior.  I know that there will always be a certain level of dispute within such a varied and diverse group as this fandom, but I might hope that we can all find a way to co-exist without intermittently beating each other up verbally over our varied expressions of regard for the same person.


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