Happy Birthday from the Classical tRAdition Richard Armitage



Felicem natalem diem tibi exopto,

Felicem natalem diem tibi exopto,

Felicem natalem diem tibi exopto Richardi Armitagi cari,

Felicem natalem diem tibi exopto!

It doesn’t have quite the same flow, but the sentiment is sincere :). Let’s try it in Greek!

καλὰ γενέθλια σόι…

Or something like that.  It seems the ancients didn’t place the same emphasis on birthdays that we do today, so there really are no standard phrases.

Pig Latin though, is very clear :  Appyhay Irthdaybay Richard Armitage!!

yet another ascroft

It’s your birthday….Artypay ’til you’re Urplepay!!

18 comments on “Happy Birthday from the Classical tRAdition Richard Armitage

  1. april73 says:

    Love this Ascroft pic. 🙂

    Happy birthday Mr Armitage. 🙂

  2. You are too funny!!! or ooyay are ay ootay unny fay!

  3. jasrangoon says:

    You’re cracking me up with this! I’m totally the nerd who tries to sing Happy Birthday in other languages with the tune we know and love, which is what I’ve been sitting here doing. You’re right, it doesn’t have the same flow, but I had fun! 😉

    • obscura says:

      Cool! The funniest bit for me was reading comments (on a made up phrase) discussing whether felicem natalem diem was in the accusative case because it is the direct object of “exopto” or because this is an “accusative of exclamation.” *snort* philologists! 😀

      • Servetus says:

        OK, *that* is the kind of discussion that *I* love 🙂

        • obscura says:

          That’s exactly the kind if thing that goes on at the APA/AIA meetings – philologists having these discussions and archaeologists debating something of much more relevance – where’s happy hour? 😀 (maybe that’s just my friends though…)

  4. Servetus says:

    owhay oldyay areyay ooyay?
    owhay oldyay areyay ooyay?
    owhay oldyay areyay ooyay?
    owhay oldyay areyay ooyay?

    I knew I could count on you to maintain a high scholarly tone and I was NOT disappointed. Happy Armitage Day!

    • obscura says:

      I am bringing it baby….did you not catch the reference to the immortal Spongebob Squarepants? How’s that for scholarly?!

      I believe the reply line would be..

      Iway ortyfay wotay earsyay oldway..

      How cool would that be to hear in everyone’s favorite tummy tickling baritone?

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  6. katie70 says:

    You bring learning and birthday’s together, how much fun is that. This is fun learning, had my first day back in the classroom and it was not this fun. Happy Birthday Richard, it’s still the 22nd in Wisconsin.

    • obscura says:

      Back to class for the fall already? My fall classes start next week, kids go back after Labor Day. Learning should always be fun in some way 🙂

      • katie70 says:

        Our tech school started on the 19th, I only have one class so the 22nd was my first day back. The boys, Mr. 70 and I will be back school/work on September 3rd. I have to go in to work at school on Wednesday to have our meeting and get set back up.

        I was working on homework tonight, reading the textbook and taking notes. I am looking forward to learning a lot.

  7. fitzg says:

    Ovelay igpay atlay! (I think I’ve forgotten my Pig Latin!) Great blog!

    • obscura says:

      Thanks! I’m pretty rusty too, but the upside is I’ve been driving my kids nuts practicing it on them :). T-minus 10 days to start of school!

  8. obscura says:

    Reblogged this on Ancient Armitage and commented:

    I thought I’d recycle one from the vault to celebrate the special day…

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