OT: Appreciating Beauty in the Classical tRAdition

I new there was a reason I didn’t bother to take many pictures…

Guylty Pleasure

As many of you have gathered from my absence, I spent the last week on a holiday without proper access to the internet. Hence, the weekly round-up – again – had to be skipped. Sorry. I returned on Sunday night, but the last few days I have been working on the photographic loot of the holiday, with the intention of putting together my customary photo slide shows with which I usually delight torture my esteemed audience. While I was very happy with my slide-show, it has been a bit of a nightmare in terms of uploading to a video portal for embedding on the blog. I initially made the capital mistake of setting the video to a copyrighted piece of music. For video portal #1 the finished clip was too large → reject. Video portal #2 deleted the soundtrack, which made the whole video pointless → reject. Video portal #3 also objected to the soundtrack →…

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Off we go…

Apologies for the lack of goods around here lately.  The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity as I’ve scurried to get both my office and my family prepped for my absence.
After more than a year of planning, tomorrow is the day I (and a good number of RA fans) leave for a ten day tour of Greece

The bags have been packed, then repacked, and there even seems to be room for all of the supplies I’m toting

I have the fixins to make about 500 dental hygiene kits to be donated for refuge relief. (along with some school supplies)  I think we’ll get it all there with no extra expense since it’s now all packed inthe luggage…all i can say is “Space Bags”

I’ll check in soon from Hellas.  Bon Voyage!!