DReAmcasting Richard Armitage…

Last night, I was chatting with a couple Armitageworld friends about various and sundry happenings.  A conversation about “Banana-gate” over in Hiddlesphere led to a conversation about Anne Rice’s (writing as A.N. Roquelaure) Sleeping Beauty series.

sleeping beauty

This transitioned into a discussion of Ms. Rice and her multiple mentions of Richard Armitage as a member of her dream cast for any future film iterations of The Vampire Chronicles (she has mentioned RA as being suited for both the characters of Lestat and Louis…I’m not sure about Lestat, but broody Louis is right up the Armitage character tree.)

On the topic of Anne Rice, it came out that at least two of us were very big fans of another of her novels,

the mummy

Can you guess who’s piercing blue eye I’d like to see peeping out of Ramses’ wrappings on a movie poster?

It is a fantastic story…set in Edwardian England and Egypt.  It’s a veritible case study in human folly as it twines together themes of greed, lust, wrath, envy…I haven’t read it for a while, but I’m sure that I can find all seven.  With talks of a third film version drawn from the vamp corpus, I expressed my longstanding desire to see The Mummy come to the screen.

Let the dReAmcasting begin!

Julie Stratford – the female protagonist of the story…

We like Natalie Portman…she embodies a sort of deceptive fragility that encloses some serious acting chops.

Julie’s urbane but increasing desperate cousin Henry Stratford?

Left:  Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Source) Right:  Aidan Turner (Source)

Left: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Source) Right: Aidan Turner (Source)

I’m leaning toward Rhys Meyers for the boozy Henry.

Here as Capt. James Nicholls in War Horse (my cap)

Here as Capt. James Nicholls in War Horse (my cap)

We were in agreement that Tom Hiddleston would be great as Julie Stratford’s fiance Alex Savarell, Viscount Summerfield…all pleading eyes and genial charm!

Who then could play Alex’s father – Lord Eliot Rutherford – attractive to Julie despite being a contemporary of her father’s?  Hmmm, fiftyish, British, lordly, sexy


The Fiennes has it…does he ever!

Ralph Fiennes is perfect for the sexy, but cardiac impaired Elliot Savarell, Earl of Rutherford.

One actor came immediately to mind to play the female antagonist of the story…Cleopatra (yes, that Cleopatra.)  Beautiful, brilliant, but dangerously damaged…who can, and has done that?

She does dangerous and damaged really, REALLY well! Source

She does dangerous and damaged really, REALLY well!

Who else but Angelina Jolie? (she’s also the PERFECT age for the role!)

There are several other minor roles, but that pretty much covers all of the major characters with one exception…the title role of course.  I imagine that you have a pretty good idea of who we immediately hit on to play The Mummy – Ramses the Damned…a tall, strikingly handsome man with piercing blue eyes…

From The Old Vic

From The Old Vic

Well, duh!  Of course we picked Richard Armitage.  I like him a lot for this role….a whole lot.  Ramses is a conflicted character…an immortal with a lust for life, but a huge amount of angst about his past.


the mummy

If you haven’t read The Mummy, I encourage you to do so…and get back to me with your casting suggestions…I think we have a winner here!  So there you have it…in the immortal words of Jazzbaby:

This could be the single sexiest movie ever.”


10 comments on “DReAmcasting Richard Armitage…

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    It totally could, dude.

  2. And here I thought we were going to talk about the Beauty series. That would have been interesting talk and fodder for character casting speculation indeed. 😉 Unfortunately I haven’t read The Mummy, but my interest is now peaked.

  3. Joanna says:

    😀 Almost perfect casting,Obscura. I hope that JRM role is really short 😉

  4. […] says: “Richard Armitage would have fixed everything wrong with this film, because Obscura said so. Oh, wait, wrong Mummy. It might have worked if there was a long scene where someone unwrapped […]

  5. […] Once upon a time, almost four years ago, Jazzbaby and I found out that we both had really enjoyed Anne Rice’s The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned.  Rice is perhaps best known for her vampire novels and I’ve read and enjoyed a number of the adventures of Rice’s generations of vamps, but I really, really loved The Mummy, so it was fun to talk about the book with someone who also shared another interest with me.  *cough*  This other shared interest led us to a common Armitageworld occupation – dReAmcasting. […]

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