Armitage classical word of the day…

Kallipygos (Καλλίπυγος)

Having beautiful buttocks

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Source Also a fantastic .gif of this scene by the lovely Circusgifs on tumblr

Also a fantastic .gif of this scene by the lovely Circusgifs on tumblr


Exhibit C


23 comments on “Armitage classical word of the day…

  1. Servetus says:

    No questions. I remember learning the English variant of that word for the SAT — but it’s never come in so useful as it has since knowing Armitage! (Three beautiful examples!!).

  2. Widoedm53 says:

    I will never learn that word…can’t seem to stay focused! I think I might do better if you gave a few more examples 😍 (Although these are excellent)

  3. Teuchter says:

    I must be a slow learner. Could I see some more so I get it straight in my head? (says she with her eyes glued to the examples above – especially the gif) 😉 *swoon*

  4. Guylty says:

    Speech eludes me. The Greeks have a word for *that*? As I always say – those ancient civilisations really were juicy… 😉

  5. wydville says:

    Really, Professor, you disappoint me. As an academic you understand the importance of evidence; I really am not in a position to be persuaded by only three sources. More corroborative evidence *is* required by way of visual sources. Get cracking, then!

  6. linnetmoss says:

    Kallipygistos 🙂

  7. jholland says:

    Oh, my. *Fans self* Thank you for such enlightenment. We should learn these types of words every day. Maybe have a refresher course, and a few pop quizzes?

  8. Hariclea says:

    I think I need hands on study to fully understand the term.

  9. Mimi Cruz says:

    Oh dear, this was priceless❗️ Now all I am thinking is 🍑 yes, I want peaches for desert😈

  10. Esther says:

    Nope, no questions! Totally clear! 🙂

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