This is the last time…I promise!

As we enter the “Bleak Midwinter,” I can’t help but look forward eagerly to 8 months from now when I, and an intrepid group of travelers, about 1/3 of whom are Armitageworld connected, will be trekking around the Peloponnese of Greece.

I’m especially looking forward to seeing some places I’ve never been, but also to revisiting some old favorites like the fortified Byzantine town of Mystras.

Pondering if I'll go all the way to the top

Pondering if I’ll go all the way to the top

I did go all the way up once

Dig that hippie strap!

Dig that hippie strap!

There I am, circa 1995-ish perched gingerly on a wall at the top of the town, pretending not to notice the sheer cliff dropping away right behind my left hand.  Good times (BTW, that tan is 99% the product of excavating in Greece in July – and I did indeed use copious amounts of sunblock – only 1% beach…I detest sand.)

I told you about the details here and here, and I bring it up again to let anyone who might have been on the fence in December, or who is just now hearing about it, that my lovely tour agent in Crete has extended the price to March 1st, so you can still get in on the fun.

The more, the merrier Armitageworld!!

5 comments on “This is the last time…I promise!

  1. wydville says:

    Four years ago this summer my delightful son *walked* along that very wall whilst I, eyes screwed shut, howled at him to get down. We made the climb mid-August, midday; the expression “mad dogs and Englishmen” comes to mind. Unsurprisingly we had those battlements pretty much to ourselves!

    Personally I was happier in the church where X marked the spot on which Constantine Palaeologos was crowned. Dreamy, almost supernatural atmosphere in there.

  2. Hariclea says:

    This is so beautiful, never been to Mystras! sigh i’ll be thinking of you all wistfully and admittedly enviously too, really wish it had been possible to go back. We’ll see nearer the time if you leave us with your travel plan maybe i can drop in on you guys for a weekend or 2-3 days in a location 🙂
    One thing is sure, you’ll have an amazing time! And it will keep giving even after 🙂

  3. Esther says:

    Sigh… still wish I could do this…

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