inter alia: S!$t my family says…

This could become a regular feature here since it happens so often.  Last night the spawn and I were at my parents for dinner.


Brief aside….I didn’t realize how much I missed spaghetti with meat sauce.  Since my husband and my son are meatball guys, and I’m not terribly picky, I hadn’t eaten it in a while.  My dad knocked it out of the park!

So anyway, we are sitting at dinner and I asked my mother if she’d seen the obituary for a distant acquaintance.  I remarked that it was quite brief and learned that it is fairly expensive to publish a lengthy obit in the local newspaper.  I guess I didn’t realize that.  At this point, my normally laconic father says,

“Don’t bother…here’s mine:  ‘I’m dead.  Bye.’ “

I thought my son was going to have a fit he was laughing so hard.  My sister wipes her eyes and assures my dad that we’ll take him up on it!  So goes a fairly average conversation chez moi.

17 comments on “inter alia: S!$t my family says…

  1. jholland says:

    It’s classic! And it really says it all. Very succinctly. lol

  2. I like the sound of your family. We had a long obit with a picture for my mother and it was very expensive – can’t remember exactly but hundreds of dollars.

    Did the cabbage rolls without the roll work?

    • obscura says:

      I have to say, we are informal in the extreme…we can behave when need be though 🙂

      It did…I think the main problem was a really kind of flavorless cabbage. Otherwise, it was MUCH easier.

  3. Servetus says:

    If you remember mom’s — which was roughly 500-600 words, no picture — iirc it was $120/day in our local paper of record.

  4. LOL! Good lord! I nearly spit out my soda–on you referring to your child as “the spawn”.

    And your father is priceless! My late dad had expressly indicated in writing–along with his own hand written obit–that he wanted to be cremated, a less expensive alternative. But my sister wouldn’t allow it and got all emotional–saying that cremation wasn’t our tradition. So $10,000 later, life insurance money that could have gone to Dad’s grandkids’ college funds was paid out for the whole casket burial option. *shakes head*

    It’s a discussion that needs to happen at some point–along with making wills. But I’m in denial at the moment–planning to live for another 41.5 years like my grandmother (died at 96.5), or her sister who lived to be 101. Maybe there will be an alternative by that time.

    • obscura says:

      That is spawn in the plural sense…one of each gender 😉

      I would like to think that I would honor my parents’ express wishes, but I guess it’s hard to predict the emotions of the moment. My parents are in their active early 70’s and I know that they have cemetery plots, but I’m not sure beyond that.

      My mother assures me that she will have everything written out for us…she also says that about her income taxes every year in January. In a April? Not so much 🙂

      • Servetus says:

        There are classes you can take about this — funeral planning — but somehow the fact that my parents took one didn’t mean they did the homework. I would recommend writing the obit well ahead of time or after the person in question dies but not while they are dying. In the wake of last summer dad’s is now on file with the funeral guy.

  5. katie70 says:

    When mom pasted away in 2003 the obit was free, last year I think dad’s was $75.00 for the weekly paper. It is small town Wisconsin but nothing free anymore.

    Mr. 70 is always planning on dieing along with the rest of his family. There all going to live along time. The year my dad’s dad pasted away was the year he never told us he was dieing, dad was the same way.

    Your family sounds like lots of fun.

  6. Hariclea says:

    ah you made me miss the times we were a big family, especially my my grandparents and grandma especially who had one of these for every situation 🙂 ( and spaghetti with meat sauce! )

  7. Leigh says:

    I love it! Mine will be, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” I have warned my daughter that if she spends one dime more than necessary to have my body cremated, I will come back to haunt her at the most inconvenient moments.

  8. humma' says:

    …………(: *tHUd*:)…………..= mine. I am rather taken with the bilbuous “HU..!” in the middle…..what say you..all? I await your ..retorts..gratefully………….

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