inter alia: S!$t my family says…

This could become a regular feature here since it happens so often.  Last night the spawn and I were at my parents for dinner.


Brief aside….I didn’t realize how much I missed spaghetti with meat sauce.  Since my husband and my son are meatball guys, and I’m not terribly picky, I hadn’t eaten it in a while.  My dad knocked it out of the park!

So anyway, we are sitting at dinner and I asked my mother if she’d seen the obituary for a distant acquaintance.  I remarked that it was quite brief and learned that it is fairly expensive to publish a lengthy obit in the local newspaper.  I guess I didn’t realize that.  At this point, my normally laconic father says,

“Don’t bother…here’s mine:  ‘I’m dead.  Bye.’ “

I thought my son was going to have a fit he was laughing so hard.  My sister wipes her eyes and assures my dad that we’ll take him up on it!  So goes a fairly average conversation chez moi.