The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chicago Fan Event…round 1

After Gratiana of the Something About Love blog so graciously hosted the Into the Storm Chicago fan event in August, I volunteered to pitch in and help organize the next one in the hopper…The BotFA event (I really cannot be bothered to type out that entire title more than once)  Although work related commitments have put my actual attendance in question AGAIN!!,  I am pleased to be able to help coordinate the event in the digital world…there is a very helpful elf (I settled on “elf” since the movie opening is so close to Christmas…) on the ground in the Windy City who is doing the all real work.  Elf, if you are reading this… if at any time you want to be named and praised by me for saving my bacon, please let me know…until then, I will diligently guard your anonymity 🙂  .

So, I know it is still two months out, but we are trying to get a provisional idea the number of people who are at least planning to attend and what date is preferable so we can hit the planning ground running…

If you think you are likely to attend, please complete the poll below…

16 comments on “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chicago Fan Event…round 1

  1. Perry says:

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    Mid-westerners! A BOFA Fan Event in Chicago is planned. Check it out.

  2. Servetus says:

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    If you want to see BotFA in Chicago with other Armitage fans, please pick the best date for you!

  3. Kyra says:

    preferably not that weekend, as that’s the weekend of another convention in Rosemont (called Con Alt Delete)
    There’s another convention January 2-4 called Kollisioncon in Rosemont…Maybe after the holidays are all over and sorted out?

    • obscura says:

      Yikes…maybe the suburbs would be better?! I’ll pass along the info…

      Thanks for weighing in!

      • Kyra says:

        It’s not really the location, it’s just the date 🙂 I know a lot of people who’d definitely want to go to this but are already attending said conventions. City is probably better location-wise.

        • obscura says:

          Aha, got it…

          I had to look the date up. I knew it was in December, but I didn’t realize exactly *when* in December…we’ll see how it shakes out.

          • Kyra says:

            alright. i’d love to go though!!! would be super fun.

          • obscura says:

            It could well turn out that the consensus votes for after the New Year…would be better for me, and I doubt the opening weekend numbers are really going to be seriously affected by us for this film 🙂

  4. Hi Obscura,

    Thanks for the nice shout out about Operation Into the Storm last August! Glad to see that you and Anonymous are planning the BOFA Chicago event! I’m looking forward to it.

    Saturday is my preference because my hubby can tend to the dogs and I don’t have to take him back and forth to work–we have one car, so I get to drive it for my work and ferry him around. Ha! Friday would be tough for me–because of our one car issue, I so wish our carbon footprint was larger. Ha!

    And I would take Amtrak to and from Chicago–which right now is only $28 RT, snap!–early booking from any destination really gets a cheaper rate, for others who might be considering training in to Chicago.

    The thing that flummoxed me for our ITS August event was that the theatres in Chicago were not doing any daytime shows–nor did they publicize times until about 2 weeks out. So I had no train home beyond 7pm and I had to stay overnight. A good decision on my part. However, it was a lovely hotel and relatively expensive for Chicago, but still $200 more than I can afford to spend for BOFA. So I really hope that the theatres will have afternoon show times for BOFA—and that they publicize them early enough to get the cheaper train tickets. Fingers crossed.

    Of course, what I could do if there is only a night time BOFA show, is still train into Chicago for the day and spend time with my fellow RA Fan Friends, and then train home at 7pm–seeing the film with my hubby at another time that weekend. Though the debrief after the movie is so much fun with RA Fans–and not to be missed! And as an aside, Kellyduck finds the most hilarious gifs of movie scenes. So fangurl bonding time is definitely a must. Ha!

    Don’t mind me, I’m just prattling away, excitedly hoping to join you for the Chicago BOFA!

    Cheers! Grati;->

  5. And one thing to remember is that choosing to go to see the film its opening weekend–either on our own at home, or with RA Fangirls–adds to the opening weekend box office stats.

    Opening weekend sales are bragging rights for the marketing boys in terms of size and depth–monetarily, of course. But big sales do tend to beget more big sales in future weekends.

    So even if the RA Fangirl event is not opening weekend, we can still choose to see the film on our own its opening weekend when we are at home.

  6. saraobsessed says:

    I’m up for coming up to Milwaukee, too! Also, tickets are cheaper in the ‘burbs!

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