Hollywood Portfolio

I love this…thanks Linnet!

Linnet Moss

Vanity Fair’s recent “Hollywood Issue” included a selection of photographs by the celebrated artist Chuck Close, who is noted for his “realist” style and has created portraits of such diverse subjects as Hillary Clinton, Jasper Johns, and Kate Moss.

Most of the photographs are simple, frontal head shots. The subjects wear little or no makeup, and they pose in their everyday clothing–in some cases, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Most interesting of all is that no airbrushing was applied–no erasure of wrinkles, moles, and other surface imperfections. To put it bluntly, they look the way they would if you woke up in bed next to them.

The reaction to the portfolio interested me greatly. Quite a few people thought it was wrong to show these iconic celebrities without the protective coloration of pixie dust that confers their magic. We want our stars to look beautiful, and we are highly critical of any physical flaws…

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