Alive, if not exactly kicking…

This blog as been a pretty barren landscape of late – rest assured, I’m still around, just somewhat sidelined lately.  Since a nasty slip on the snow right after Christmas that resulted in a nastier *SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! in my left knee, I’ve been hobbling around.  An MRI on Monday revealed tears to both the lateral and medial menisci as well as the aggravation of an old injury to the ACL – more hobbling ensues as I try to evade surgery through some physical therapy.  Time will tell on that front.

The general slowdown in my locomotion has been accompanied by an upsizing in my workload as I took on a new role at my university at the beginning of this month – it’s a positive change, a change that will empower me to make some necessary changes in my life, but one that is sapping what little energy I have left when everything I do seems to take toll on my energy stores.

The unfortunate result of all of this has been that I’ve been largely absent from Armitageworld of late.  I sincerely hope that will change soon…perhaps once I can find equilibrium with my current challenges.  I’ve also been reflecting a bit that in addition to my challenges, perhaps I’m in a bit of an Armitage funk as well.  I’ve been pondering whether maybe part of my Armitageworld mojo has been fueled by a certain level of Alpha Armitage in the chaRActer oeuvre that has been dormant recently.  Apparently, I like my fantasy characters to be asskickers, albeit asskickers with a sensitive side (I’m lookin’ at you John Porter).  I’m holding out hope that Raymond de Merville may be an asskicker in chainmail who’ll jump start the engine.

In any case, until I’m back in the kicking game, I’ll leave you all with a link to an excellent gif of Daniel Miller kicking – third .gif on the right. (oddly, he didn’t flip the “asskicker” switch for me in S1 of Berlin Station – here’s to hopes for S2)


14 comments on “Alive, if not exactly kicking…

  1. Servetus says:

    I’m glad you’ve reappeared! It sounded from these last few interviews like Armitage wouldn’t mind doing a little more asskicking as Daniel Miller, himself.

  2. linnetmoss says:

    Nice to hear from you! Hope your energy levels come back as you settle in. And it’s nearly Spring…

  3. zan says:

    It’s good to see you again! So sorry to read about the hobbling. I hope the PT does the trick. *fingers crossed*

    • obscura says:

      It seems to be getting better, it’s just the intermittent episodes where my knee says “f@#k you” and bends in the wrong direction that are really bugging me!

  4. Hariclea says:

    So sorry the foot is still causing your trouble, but hopefully it is on the mend, all fingers crossed! And congrats and best of luck with the new job!
    Glad to hear from you and no worries about the funk, other than cinematography (ie pretty to look at in clever lighting) DM didn’t tick many satisfaction boxes either. Which goes to prove we don’t love him just for his looks, we need the whole package 😉 I wouldn’t mind DM becoming more like Porter either…

    • obscura says:

      Thus far, I’m enjoying all the new challenges and opportunities.

      I would love for S2 to have a more physical Daniel Miller – it might make up some for the lack of coherent character development that I struggled with.

  5. Perry says:

    It’s good to hear from you. Sorry to learn that the spill you took a while back is still giving you problems. Here’s hoping the PT works its magic. I think a few of us are dragging our behinds as bloggers for one reason or another. I know I am, but I’m not sure it has anything to do with Richard Armitage, himself. I’ll have to give you theory about less Alpha Armitage some thought. Laughing a little thinking about his Ocean’s 8 role, which seems very un alpha.

  6. Esther says:

    Yikes on the knee, hope PT will help! Congrats on the new position!

  7. […] at the university in November of 2016, but the real kicker was an icy day in January when, due to a knee injury incurred just after Christmas, my meeting with the Provost became a phone […]

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