The first spReAd the love book challenge post is up! Will you review and donate?

Me + Richard Armitage

The first 2015 spReAd the love challenge for fans of Richard Armitage was made recently — to write about, and donate, one of your favorite children’s books! If you would like to join the challenge, please let me know and you can use my blog for a guest post.


spread the love

The first review is of The Little Witch (Die kleine Hexe), a favorite twentieth-century children’s book in Germany, which is less known outside the country nowadays, although it was translated into 55 languages in the 1950s and 1960s.

img_1629Learn about the little witch, and give her some love, here! (The post is in English and German and the author will reply to comments in either language.)

The post is by fellow Richard Armitage fan suzy, who blogs at silverbluelining. I enjoy her blog a lot — it includes commentary on popular German cultural events and bands…

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