OT: I survived “Car-mageddon 2013”

What the...?!

What the…?!

Well, here I am back from the big family shindig in mostly one piece despite the best attempts of the road signage in northwestern Wisconsin to force me off the road in fits of hysterical laughter!  Ancient Armitage will be back to the regularly scheduled programming this week, but first a few things I learned on this trip:

  • I really like my family…
    • every quirky, perpetually late, impossible to corral into a schedule, indecisive one of them.
  • Two vehicles are better than one on a 500 mile road trip
    • my husband and I found out we actually like driving around when it’s just the two of us…beef jerky and gas station restrooms are soooo romantic!!
  • There are motels that have rooms for six –
    • a pox on them for indulging my mom’s frugal spirit!!
  • There is nowhere to hide from camera phones…
    • or camera phone photographers who instantly publish to Facebook!
  • Upscale and expensive does not necessarily equate to perfection…
    • as proven by the massive flood in my room on night one in our extremely posh log cabin digs.
      • Who knew you needed to seal a basement window well and clear rain gutters of debris prior to torrential rains – evidently everyone but the maintenance staff at this resort!
      •  I think I should have gotten a free pedicure from the spa for having discovered the flood when my bare feet stepped out of bed into a soaking wet carpet – squish!
      • Also, my head is still humming from the sound of the industrial blowers drying out the carpet – very fancy!
  • Fangirling may be hereditary…
    • I bonded with one of my cousins – she is a self-proclaimed Cumberbitch 🙂

Really only two casualties from the trip…a misplaced iPad charger and cable and my sister and I aren’t speaking…that’s not really reunion related, just a sister thing we do every so often.   The 2015 reunion?  We’ll see everyone in Wyoming.  Or Florida…or North Carolina – go figure, we haven’t decided 🙂

Oh!  I almost forgot – pizza is really good cooked on the barbecue grill!  (all those cameras, and not one picture of 30 pizzas cooking on the grill!)

8 comments on “OT: I survived “Car-mageddon 2013”

  1. katie70 says:

    I think that I know what county the road sign is from, and if so I use to live there for 6 years back in the 80’s. I think they are the only ones to have that odd naming for there streets in the countryside. If I am right you where oh so close to where I live but in a different county.

    How cool to find a have a cousin that likes a british actor also, something to talk about and not look like your off your rocker.

    I just saw somewhere about cooking pizza on the grill. I have made homemade pizza on the grill which is really good.

    Glad you had a great time.

    • obscura says:

      It is beautiful country out that way – gorgeous woods and rolling hills, but those streets…there was a 1-1/2 – 2nd St…had me in stitches :).

      It was fun to compare notes with her. She may show up here eventually.

      I brought all the pizza supplies with us, including the prebaked crusts..we grilled off the top of the crusts, people put on their toppings and then back onto the grill. The come off so crispy any delish…but I guess only if you like crispy crust 😉

      • katie70 says:

        Get this when I lived in that county I lived on 7 3/4 street. Talk bout weird. I did my serve safe class in January, there where people from that county and they couldn’t put there address on the form. It would only take letters due to fill in the bubbles, like the standardize tests in school.

        What fun if you could win your cousin over, or add one more to be fans of.

        I make pizza on a stone, we never go out for pizza. It has a crisp crust but a soft inside. My boys don’t even miss going out for pizza. On Saturday I plan on making Deep Dish Pizza.

  2. guylty says:

    Hahaha, so that’s what American roadtrips/family reunions are like. Oh God, a motel room for six… well, how did your hubs cope with his in-laws in *that* setting??? I bet your son and daughter thought it was great fun… Yeah, camera phones are a bane. But then again, thank God for non-public Facebook: It stays within the family circle.
    Pizza on the BBQ? Mad, those Americans!!! *ggg*

    • obscura says:

      We were about a hour behind my parents who had the kids…so I heard about the room for a crew via a phone update. It was literally one huge room with two queen beds and a third that pulled out from a banquette. Fortunately, by the time we got there, Frugal Franny had relented to the demands of her grandchildren (they each wanted their own bed) and booked a second single for the uncool parents of said grandchildren. (Thank the gods!)

      Happy snappers…on the one hand, I have lots of pix to choose from (I took exactly two, and one of those was of a road sign!), on the other hand… *sigh*. I have sworn off soda and orange shirts 🙂

      Pizza on the grill…don’t knock till you try it sistah! Comes out somewhat like a wood fire oven pie 🙂

    • Servetus says:

      I can affirm that this is an authentic US family roadtrip / family reunion story …

      Glad you’re back.

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