It’s SaturnRAlia!

Congratulations go to Richard Armitage for taking home the Saturn Award for Best Supporting actor for Thorin Oakenshield…go you!!  Of course, I would be remiss if I did not attempt to work those fabulous στέφανος/corona (foliage wreath) shots into the Classical corpus.  My first effort was pretty obvious…Saturn Award…planetary trophy…planet named after Roman deity:

saturn wreathed

There we go…not a bad connection.  Saturn appears as the god of Time (identified with the Greek Kronos) here on detail from a larger mosaic depicting “seasonal” deities.  As you can see, he’s nicely crown with what appears to be a laurel (bay) wreath.  It works ok…Richard Armitage certainly seems to be pretty successful at “time” management in a number of senses…certainly in terms of scheduling and youthfulness.  I was going to go into more detail on Saturn, a kind of lesser known deity…UNTIL…

armitage as dionysus

This one took me exactly one place immediately…right back to the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompeii and an amazing frescoed room featuring the figure of Dionysus wreathed and laid out across the lap of a disputed female figure…

dionysus villa mysteris

Love, Love, Love this…Dioynus, thrysus across his lap, has simply had it – as he sprawls bonelessly back, his mouth slack, his foliage wreath slipping.  (I especially love the detail of his right foot…somewhere along the line, his sandal slipped off and is now hanging out of sight from the strap around his ankle.)  In the photo above, Richard Armitage…wreath askew, award in hand,  is comically feigning exhaustion, eyes shut, mouth open, as he slumps in his chair next to the half finished dessert and empty glasses that testify to the end of an evening of revelry.

Love this too!  Well played sir!!

Let the SaturnRAlia festivities continue!!!