S.O.S. : My WP reader is driving me insane!

Help!  Several times over the past few weeks a number of blogs I’ve been following, and have had no intention to or recollection of “unfollowing” have disappeared from my follow list.   I don’t have email notifications turned on because my leg was starting to go numb from my phone buzzing in my pocket, so I just take a look at my WP reader a few times a day to see new posts.  Occasionally I’ve noticed a reblog of a blog I thought I was following, only to find I’m not following…it’s maddening!

1.  Has anyone else noticed this issue, or is there some kind of pixie messing with me (I understand that pixies often take the form of 8-1/2 year old girls who constantly pilfer my iPad, so there may be something there….)

2.  If you see me appear and disappear and appear again in your followers, I’m not *trying* to be a tool…it just comes naturally.   😉

Input appreciated…