OT: Green

It's all green to me...

It’s all green to me…

Prasinus, χλοερός, celedon, spruce, mint, pine, grass, moss, etcetera ad infinitum.  Everywhere I look is green.

Rain Kissed Leaves...also the name of my favorite scent...coincidence?

Rain Kissed Leaves…also the name of my favorite scent…coincidence?

As I walk out my back door, I spy the weeds currently growing like…well, weeds…where my garden should be, the day starts out green.  My commute to campus takes me through an absolutely gorgeous section of rolling hilled farmland in east central Wisconsin…lake out one side of the car, a verdant patchwork of cultivated fields and leafy woodlands out the other.  Even in this morning’s biblical style deluge, I was struck by the lush spectrum of greens all around me.  I would have stopped for a picture, but for the pouring rain.

I usually love to drive…I especially like the road less travelled.  Armed with a compass, I’m a pretty intrepid driver (unless it’s in some kind of contemporary housing development…I’ve found my way across unmarked roads in foreign lands, but nothing is as direction defying as an American cul-de-sac laden trap…all roads lead to nowhere!).  Since I injured my shoulder…bicep tendonitis they say…a lot of things are uncomfortable.  Driving is one of them…but drive I must since particle transfer is not yet perfected and there’s no southbound train to carry me to work.

Achy shoulder aside, driving today was simply a pleasure as I allowed myself to really see the full blown green glory of summer…wpid-received_102037334260508662.jpg.jpeg

The camera on my phone can’t really capture the full depth of the verdency, but I think you get the idea.  Add in a brisk breeze and all that green was animated…it really was invigorating.  (I have to admit…all of the cultivated green is facilitated by fresh fertilizer, and in the steamy late afternoon, the aroma was slightly less refreshing than one might expect!)  

There are days when I wish I was anywhere else but here, but on days like today, I wouldn’t trade it for the world…no wonder there’s always a steady migration from the immediate south every summer…