Back from the brink…SpReAd the Love Update

Well, I am slightly less verklempt today than I was Tuesday.  Despite Staplegate (It’s huge!!) and half full classes due to a pandemic of Spring Breakisnextweekitis I am in the home stretch now – papers are graded, midterm grades are submitted and Spring Break Is NExt WEEK!!! (I’m not very excited…no, not excited at all!)

Thorin's much better today too! Source

Thorin’s much better today too!

The SpReAd the Love Children’s Book Challenge is wrapping up, although we might have a couple of posts trickle in from time to time.  Mini Me was so excited about her guest appearance that she mentioned the challenge to the members of her reading group at school.  Three of her colleagues have also provided me with memorable titles – Mini-Me forgot the questions, so all I’ve got are the titles.  (I am omitting the names of the contributors in the interests of not creating little girl drama that becomes intra-parent drama)

Meet Felicity (the first in a series about the Revolutionary War era American Girl Doll who has since been “archived” – sounds very ominous!)

Beauty and the Beast (A timeless classic reinvented by Disney for a new generation…)

Meet One Direction (I would rather not contemplate why this book is so meaningful to the 8 year old set)

MiniMe and I will donate these three titles in addition to the books that we highlighted to the Half Price Books Half Pint Library Book Drive – they will match our 6 donations with an additional six, making a dozen books that will be distributed to needful readers in the local area.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Including book challenge posts from Servetus, alyssabethancourt, Fanny and Jazzy Jr. we added 17 kindnesses, so our new grand total of donated kindnesses and books is 281!  Jazzybaby1 and I have been really thrilled at everyone’s response to the SpReAd the Love idea and we hope that you will all continue letting us know about kindness you give or receive.  The world can be a really ugly place sometimes, but every person who reaches out, in even the smallest way, is doing his or her part to make it better.  Looking ahead, we’ll have a few more challenges and some fun and games to keep the ball rolling.


I was meaning to, but I just can’t even…

I should be giving you an update on SpReAd the Love…the Children’s Book Challenge was great fun, and had a wonderful turnout for a first time event.  However, having been battered by reading some really, really ugly student papers over the last few days, and with midterm grades due tomorrow, I’m feeling kind of like this…

I've been making a weird squacking noise all day, which might be a stifled version of Thorin's majestic scream. Source:

I’ve been making a weird squacking noise all day, which might be a stifled version of Thorin’s majestic scream.

In the interest of not slathering my current bad mojo all over STL, I’ll defer a few days…feel free to continue to submit reports of kindnesses…I promise I won’t Thorin roar at you 🙂

Tempus Fugit: SpReAd the Love Update

Good Lord!  Where did the last week go I wonder?  Between drama at work and a crushingly busy weekend followed by parent-teacher conferences for my oldest last evening, I completely lost track of time and updating everyone on our SpReAd the Love progress.

celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday March 2 by donating a book to a needy child

celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday March 2 by donating a book to a needy child

The book challenge has gotten underway with posts from Trudy Brasure and Servetus on favorite children’s books.  I really do need to get going on this…I’ve been re-reading my selection.  I will also have a guest post from my daughter MiniMe who, I think, has made her final book selection, but that may have changed since yesterday.  There is still time to write a post if you’d like, of if you’d rather not, you can always get in on the act by simply donating a children’s book where it can be of use.  I also found a fantastic triple dip opportunity for many in the US….

Half Price Books has stores throughout many parts of the US

Half Price Books has stores throughout many parts of the US

This means if you choose to donate to the Half Pint Library, Half Price Books will match your donation, and if you let us know about it, we’ll count it as well and money will be donated to Richard Armitage’s Just Giving charities – that’s a lot of impact for the donation of one small book  🙂

After meeting our first challenge goal in only 6 weeks, we are still steadily tallying kindness from all over and I am confident that we’ll reach our second matching gift donation with kindness to spare.  It’s really clear to me that for many people in this wonderful community, kindness and generosity are a way of life, not something most find needful of credit.  SpReAd the Love’s main goal is to highlight and celebrate the amazing capacity for kindness that so many Armitage fans embody, and if we can raise a little money for some worthy causes in the process,  that much the better.  As of Sunday February 23rd, we’ve recorded 226 kindnesses given or received.

In the spirit of the recently completed Sochi Winter Olympiad, I’ll leave you with a pretty cool Olympic kindess that Jazzy passed along to me

olympic kindness