“Light of the world shine on me…LOVE is the answer.” : SpReAd the Love Update

bleak midwinter

Yesterday was an awful day for me for a number of reasons, including the most recent half foot of snow that fell on my habitat. Too much time cooped up in the house, every one is getting on each other’s nerves and I’m beginning to feel the effects of the winter blues…(often now classified as part of SAD).  Today was immediately better as the sun broke through the clouds on my way to work…turns out light (phototherapy) is a common way to treat the winter blues in a literal sense.

SpReAd the Love was a source of figurative light in the past week too.  Here are some highlights of the weekly totals:

imageThe RAworld Secret Valentine a plethora of lovely Valentine wishes in all shapes and sizes, and was great fun for one and all.


Last week we also marked a direct donation to Richard Armitage’s Just Giving page which credits SpReAd the Love for inspiration…fantastic!!

Jazzy also has some great news about the children’s book challenge…check it out here

It seems like there was something else that I wanted to mention…what was it?  Let me think….oh yeah – THIS!!!


As of Sunday February 16, we not only met our first goal of 200 kindnesses, we surpassed it by 10!!!  LOVE really is the answer, let’s keep SpReAding is shall we?!

Holy Shrimp…I almost forgot! SpReAd the Love Weekly Update

By the way…before we get started,

DO NOT look up “Holy Shrimp” on Urban Dictionary — I know you’re gonna do it, just don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Logo designed by Gisborne's Boy

Logo designed by Gisborne’s Boy

Now, back to STL…


Our new total of kindnesses given and received reached 175 on Sunday!  We had one enormously huge donation that has renewed my faith in my fellow humans.  Negativity is always out there, lurking, but every time I think it just might get the better of me, someone comes along and tells me something incredible.  The giver of the kindness would prefer to remain anonymous, but trust me when I say the world would be a kinder place with more of her in it!

I do have a kind of cool story that happens to have come from my own neck of the woods…my front yard actually.  Last week Tuesday I received the following text message from my husband:

Obscurus is a man of few words, and even less punctuation  ;)

Obscurus is a man of few words, and even less punctuation 😉

Kindness must be contagious!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a good guy, but I practically have to light a fire under him to get him to unload the dishwasher!  I take this as a sign that the universe is soaking up all of the kindness.  He was there, at that place, at that time to offer a little assistance to an elderly woman who was stranded and alone in the snow and cold. Turns out she knows my Grandma Anna and they had a nice chat!

Plans are moving along for the March book challenge…there is still plenty of time to reflect on a book that was important to you as a youth or one that your children loved.  Let us know if you need a blog to post your reflection on.  Mini Me is busy scouring her shelves in anticipation of a guest appearance…stay tuned.

Also, don’t forget the Secret Valentine…I’ll bet if you whisper sweet nothings in her ear, Guylty can probably hook you up!

Have a week filled with kindness, and pass it on!

PS:  to the clerk who made me go back out to my car to fetch my ID before he would sell me a bottle of wine…

Your kindness counts too!

Your kindness counts too!