Inter alia: Holy Americana!

It’s been deep winter weather lately and the natives have been restless.



In an effort to stem off an imminent outbreak of cabin fever, I agreed to take Mini Me and a few of her friends roller skating today. 


This place, aptly named “Skate City” has not changed a whole lot since 1982….well, at least the smell hasn’t. It hits you as soon as you breech the inner doors.  Showbiz Son has described it as the scent of “rubber, broken dreams and tears”  The program including the “Hokey Pokey” and the “Limbo” is strangely familiar…I wonder what happened to “shooting the duck?”  There are even echoes of the music of my early teens as “Ghostbusters” earned a rousing sing along chorus.

One thing has definitely changed…the afternoon demographic.  What used to be heavily populated by tweens dropped off by parents for an only lightly “supervised” afternoon, is now a veritable birthday party factory for 7-9 year olds.  Even more unexpected is the inexplicably large number of non skating adult party guests…which results in my being stuck on a bench next to a garbage can dodging the errant cues of ten year old pool sharks on the adjacent table. 

Good times!  Good times!

Think SPRING Armitageworld!!!