Virtutes Romanae: Industria et Salubritas per Richard Armitage

Yes, I’m still alive…up to my eyeballs in a backlog of THDOS premiere and press tour materials.  I’m tired from just watching the video of events – I can only imagine the energy it must take to be an integral part of a tour like this.   Promotion is a huge part of the overall film making process these days, and it is a part that Richard Armitage has been less than enthusiastic about in the past.  Nevertheless, he’s really stepped up to the plate again, thus embodying the Roman virtue of industria.  Hard work, diligence, industriousness – all characteristics that can be easily identified in Richard Armitage’s approach to his career.   Over the past two weeks he, joined by many fellow cast members, has walked the red carpet at premieres on two continents, met legions of fans, signed autographs and posed for seemingly thousands of cameras…smile, smile, smile.

Richard Armitage works the red carpet in Berlin Source:  Guylty Pleasure

Richard Armitage works the red carpet in Berlin
Source: Guylty!!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…in addition to the premieres, he’s also done countless interviews, press conferences , promos, “Hangouts” and Q/A’s.  Maybe it’s my indulgent eye, but it seems to me that he makes an effort to offer a bit more info in answer to oft repeated questions that must feel like a single song on perpetual repeat to him by now. daybreak interview It would be really easy for us to shrug this all off and say, “It’s all part of the job.”  This is a true statement,  but by his own admission, it is not a part of his job that Richard Armitage particularly relishes.  However, despite the travel, the fatigue and the reality of being “on”, not as a character but as himself, for two solid weeks, he doesn’t just go through the motions, he does it to the best of his ability.  Industria. So how does salubritas (good health, wholesomeness) fit in here?  Just look at him! Movie boyfriend is in fine form bringin’ the industria!!

*sigh* Source:  Guylty

Source: Guylty