My Happy Place

Once upon a time Armitageworld was my happy place.  A place to while away some time chatting about RA…sometimes participating in more serious discussions sometimes just being silly.  The past year or so though, it seems as if there is one existential battle after another as the population and boundaries of the fandom shift.  This has led to some soul searching on my part. 

Just as I know that there are people and places which I avoid in real life, I know for a fact that there are places within the fandom that I have no desire to be part of.   I don’t expect that these places are likely, by some feat of magic…or words of Richard Armitage, to become more palatable to me, so I stay away.  If that means I miss “first run” news, so be it – if I’ve learned anything in my nearly three year residence it’s that the majority of “news” is plastered from one end of the land to the other incredibly quickly, so I’m never in the dark for long.

Basically, I decided a while ago that to keep my happy place happy for me, I’d simply need to stay away from certain  “neighborhoods” whose Armitageworld view differed widely from mine.  Mostly it works for me.

Right now, my happy place is really important to me, as my real life is in a seemingly constant cycle of struggle and pain interspersed by anxiety and fear.  I need the happy place to be a happy place and part of that is maintaining, at least in part, my personal interpretation of Richard Armitage…a fact that has been shown in sharp relief as the dust settles from latest existential episode.

Just to be clear…I don’t believe that Richard Armitage is a saint or even a perfect human…( Frankly, I don’t believe that such a creature exists –  we are all flawed in some way or another.) or that he has an infallible moral compass.

I do believe that he’s fully capable of hearing that not everyone loved his latest selfie without deleting his Twitter account in a pique and taking to his bed in despair.  I also do believe that he desires to do good in general, but that sometimes he misspeaks or doesn’t fully comprehend the potential impact of what he says.

I value and support everyone’s right to express their thoughts on the most recent interviews, but having read them, I’ve decided that none of the contents fundamentally alter the interpretation that fuels my happy place.

I may be wrong, and the future might show cracks in my foundations, but for now my happy place is standing and providing me some needed shelter from the storms in my daily life.