inter alia: Winds of Change are Blowin’

Something big happened for me today – not much to do with Richard Armitage, but for the ripples.  I’ve been pretty tight lipped about it because I guess I’m more than a little bit superstitious, but I interviewed for a new position at my university last week and today I was offered the job.  It’s only a 1/2 time job, but I’m really, really excited about it for a lot of reasons.

1.  It is a challenging new position, but it will allow me to continue to teach – just at a less inhuman pace.  This could be a GREAT thing for me as a professor.

2.  The added income will allow me to worry less about providing financially for raising my children and spend more time enjoying them.  This could be a GREAT thing for me as a mother.

3.  The added structure will allow me to gain back some of the brain space that I’ve been craving for so long.  This could be a GREAT thing for me as a writer and a blogger

More time to blog...brace yourself sir!  ;)

Hmmm, more brain space to blog?  Brace yourself sir! 😉