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It's not as lovely as Gisborne's Boy's graphic  - baby steps...

It’s not as lovely as Gisborne’s Boy’s graphic – baby steps…

Another busy week of raising the quantity of global kindness is in the books!  As of today, we have logged fifty acts of kindness, which also means that a minimum of $50 will be donated to Richard Armitage’s Just Giving charities.  That is a double dip I think we can all support!  I love the awareness that this drive has given me about how little it takes to do someone a solid.  Yesterday I was at the area courthouse…nothing exciting, just applying for a food permit.  When I was leaving, I noticed that the meter on the car parked behind me was expired, so I dug in my coat pocket and fished out a coin to drop in it and gave that driver a few more minutes to finish up inside.  Parking citations are notorious in this area, and it would really bite to come out from doing one’s civic business to find a ticket flapping from the windshield wiper.  Problem averted by a tiny kindness from a passing stranger.

Thanks to everyone who’s been busy SpReAding the Love and letting us know, and to those in the process and to those who just started thinking about it!  In addition to reporting here, or on Jazzbaby’s blog  or on Facebook, or via email, SpReAd the Love also has its own shiny new tumblr ( for all the frequent tumblrs out there.)  Twitter handle coming soon.

One thing…we love it when you all spread the word, but please reblog rather than repost – it’s likely to get confusing for us to find kindnesses reported if we can’t track them back.  Thanks!!

Let's go wrap the world in a cozy Richard Armitage sweater! Source:  linzbarker

Let’s go wrap the world in kindness…like a cozy Richard Armitage sweater!
Source: linzbarker

SpReAd the Love Update

One of the things I noticed shortly after delurking was that the fans of  Richard Armitage are a caring and generous bunch.  I’ve seen this manifested numerous times over the past eighteen months – fans joining together to celebrate each other’s successes and mourn each other’s losses as a community.  This past week marked another one of these occasions.  Since debuting the 2014 SpReAd the Love Collaboration last week, we have received an outpouring of support from the community and have already tallied over 20 acts of kindness!

Logo designed by Gisborne's Boy

Logo designed by Gisborne’s Boy

You can find info on how to participate here  and Jazzy has a brand new STL page on her blog with a great synopsis of the origins of the idea.  We’re off to a fantastic start!

psst…anyone tuning in from Tumblr…would you consider giving this a reblog so we can get the SpReAd the Love word out there too?  (feel free to report acts of kindness to the Ancient Armitage tumblr.)

A New CollaboRAtion for 2014


Be sure to stop by and give Gisbornes Boy lots of love for this amazing logo graphic!!

I am delighted to be collaborating with JazzBaby on the 2014 version of SpReAd the Love, a year long initiative to celebrate the wonderful generosity of this fandom in our local communities.  Charitable giving is something that is near and dear to my heart…to the hearts of millions really.  I often feel limited in what I am able to do financially, but I’ve come to realize that donations of money are not the only important contributions.  This is what I absolutely love about STL…check out the history here…giving comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

SpReAd the Love will look a little different in 2014.  For one, in addition to donations of blood and food, basically any act of generosity or kindness fits the bill.  Closet cleaning result in bags of outgrown clothes for the thrift store?  It counts.   Driving your carless neighbor to the store?  It counts.  Cleaning windows for shut ins?  You got it…it counts!   Tell us also if someone did something great for you…what seems like a small kindness can have a huge ripple effect.  You’ll be surprised, once you start tallying, how much you are already doing that is making a difference for someone!

How does this work?  STL will be a year long project.  You do what you do and then let us know about it…you can leave a comment here or at Jazz’s (anonymous if you like) or send me an email at: ancientarmitage at gmail dot com with the subject KINDNESS and I will keep your name and address strictly confidential if you prefer.  We’ll keep a log of all the goodness and tally it up.  Here’s the really great part…an anonymous third collaboRAtor has pledged to donate £1 to Armitage’s Just Giving Charities for each kindness tallied between now and the end of February (to a £200 max)!

Let’s SpReAd some Love!!


Graphic by GisbornesBoy