OT: I need a second (or third or more…) opinion

From the decorum and manners corner, I had an “encounter” that is still bugging me about a month after the fact:

I was a member of several choirs during my church’s annual advent concert.  This meant a bit of shuffling about as one choir performed and left the “stage” and the next assembled.  At one point, having just completed the first selection with the Chime Choir,  I was leaving the chancel to sit down while the Handbell Choir performed.  In the process, I breezed past the Christmas tree and whisked one of the ornaments off of it.  I sheepishly retrieved it as it bounced down the chancel steps.  I was no doubt somewhat flushed when I returned to my seat in the 2nd pew.  Here’s where the “encounter” occurred.  When I sat down, a male member of the Vocal Choir, leaned over and remarked,

“You’re pretty red in the face…bit early for menopause isn’t it?”

say what

I was taken aback but I mumbled some noncommittal response and then filed it to ponder later.  For context, this man – let’s call him Bob – is about 15-20 years my senior, and only the most casual of acquaintances.  I’m not overly sensitive about my 40 something age bracket,  but my immediate reaction was that this comment was completely inappropriate – Showbiz Kid (who directed the vocal choir) was aghast when I told him and then we laughingly compared some of the things Bob had recently said to and about him during the choir rehearsals.  We concurred that Bob is substantially deficient in the inapropro filter department.

I have no plans to make a big deal out of it, but I was wondering if this seems like out of line behavior to anyone else.  (My mother, for instance, just shrugged it off to “that’s Bob”)  It leaves me wondering why some people think they should say whatever pops into their head at any given moment, and why I feel that I should just give them a pass on it when they do.  Still pondering…