Making a list, checking it twice…

Kids holiday concerts ✔
End of Fall semester classes ✔


Drop off loot for adopted family✔


Lights on ridiculously large tree ✔

That is about the extent of the things that are checked off on my list of things to do in the next week. 

Someone we know referred to me as a “First Grade Procrastinator” …I said, “Thanks for noticing!”  Grading and shopping are among my least favorite things to do…I’ll get it all done – I always do, but until then, look what was hatched from my procrastinating:



I think Rudolph need a white puff tail…gotta run

Happy Procrastination Week Armitageworld

et alia: It’s Pre-Easter Saturday Armitageworld

Hot of the heels of the sleepover from hell on Thursday night, inheriting class #5 in addition to my “part time” administrative post on Friday, I found myself seriously overbooked today as well.  To document it, I decided to write down the majority of todays agenda.  The next time I start to give myself grief about not getting anything done, I’m going to take out this list…

easter snip

I could have cried when I drove up to the restaurant and saw that they aren’t open for lunch…on Saturday…What gives?!  No matter – we had an excellent meal at the 2nd option…p.s.  I still stink at chop sticks!

easter snip 2

Now, when MiniMe asks, “Mom…why are you drinking Mt. Dew KickStart?”  I can simply reply, “See above.”

The baskets are filled…strangely, not a Sephora gift card in sight (have I mentioned that my daughter is 9?)   Sephora gift cards…as if!!  I think the last of the Kick in that Mt Dew KickStart has dissipated enough that I can finally sleep – good thing.  Tomorrow starts less than 7 hours from now 🙂

See you on Easter Sunday Armitageworld!

Happy Easter Armitage World

I wanted to extend my thanks for the gracious welcome into the Richard Armitage blogosphere and to wish all who celebrate it a Happy Easter.

Tousreki (Greek Easter Bread)

Tousreki (Greek Easter Bread)

For a blog that will focus mostly on finding Richard Armitage in the classical world, it’s a bit late, and for Orthodox Greeks, it’s a bit early (Orthodox Easter is May 5th this year) but the sentiment remains the same:

“Χριστός ἀνέστη!  Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!”

 “Christ is Risen!  Truly, He is risen!”