Heart full of love (and fridge full of soup!): SpReAd the Love Weekly Update

I think that the world is a experiencing a bit more kindness these days…the STL kindness reports keep growing from week to week.  Remember, any gesture of kindness, no matter how small, is worthy.   Even though it might seem small to you, it probably has a much larger effect on the receiver.  Personally, it’s been a big week as I wrap up the annual soup sale, that I coordinate as a fundraiser for the Kindergarten-6th Grade Youth Group at my church, by delivering some frozen leftovers to the homeless shelter.

Soup's On!!

Soup’s On!!

This year we had 85 donated quarts of soup to sell to our congregation (in our “house” if you sell food, they will buy it!) for $5 each to support youth group activities.  Part of the funds raised go to offset cost on recreational activities that keep our kids off the mean streets of NE Wisconsin….Yeah, just a tad of sarcasm there, but kids today are faced with increasingly difficult choices and we try to provide an environment that they not only associate with worship, but also friendship and fun.  A place where they can turn if they need help with one of those difficult choices.

In addition to the purely fun stuff, this group also actively supports a variety of mission based projects so that we can teach them that no matter how small, everyone can make a difference.  I’ve already mentioned our annual holiday family adoption .  I received the most beautiful, heartfelt, handwritten letter from the mother of that family who expressed not only her thanks for the assistance, but her sincere hope that someday soon she would be in a position to give to someone else what had been given to her.  My heart was full of love reading that…knowing that we had made a difference for this family.

The kids have also helped out serving food at a local homeless shelter and saving change to donate food to local animal shelters.  From time to time, we also have enough to donate to international aid projects.  One of my favorite sponsored projects in the past few years was the purchase of a Knitter’s Basket from Heifer International

For more info:  heifer.org

For more info: heifer.org

It doesn’t really matter if it is a grand gesture or a small kindness as long as kids see adults doing these things, and do them alongside us, the lesson is the same.

This is a lesson that a lot of people in Armitageworld seem to be familiar with already….look at these totals:

stl tally jan 26

With a full week remaining in January, we are already better than half way to maxing out the matching gift pledge.   With the added incentive of the “book challenge” I predict we will blow right past our original goal by the end of February!  Can you feel the kindness all around you?  Pass it along 🙂

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