et alia: S#$t my family says (and does)…Installment ??

It was cold and windy on Tuesday…a textbook Winnie the Pooh “blustery day”…and I was idly pondering if Richard Armitage pumps his own gas as I stood at the pump with my hair blowing in my face.  (I concluded that unless he has someone to do it for him, he must since “full service” gas stations are pretty much obsolete, in the US at least)  Fuel loaded and gas cap secured, I wandered into the mini market to stock up for Twelve Hour Tuesday.  The following is a post to my RL Facebook feed recounting the events…


Groucho Marx glasses avatar is me….

Good grief.  I probably should have been more mortified than I was – I can only imagine how my toilet paper tail must have been blowing about in all that wind at the gas pump!  I’d like to also point out the loving reactions of my family and friends…

Helicopter Beanie is a friend from school

Red Fez is my cousin (more like a sister)

Pink Heart is a dear friend

And it get’s better…as Red Fez Cousin points out…Pink Heart Pal is an inquiring mind…


I decided to tell the story myself to spare Red Fez Cousin the stomach cramps she would surely suffer as she laughs herself into spasms every time she tells this story…for the last three DECADES  😉

What can I say?  It’s a gift!!