Um, Hi! Remember me?

I’m the person who used to find time to blog about the various and sundry concerning Richard Armitage a few times a week.  Note to self – in future, avoid starting new parallel job while up to neck in work with existing job.  Never fear,  it will take me a few more weeks to even things out to level, but I’ll be back at full force soon.  In the meantime,  I’ve at least been able to lurk around here and there enough to have seen a whole slew of baguette puns centering around the latest from the newly crowned “Selfie King.”

I've got nothing that isn't half baked...

I’ve got nothing that isn’t half baked…mais ce sont quelques belles baguettes monsieur!

It kind of makes me wish that Richard Armitage could have a trip to Athens on deck so we might get to see something along the lines of this in a future tweet…

See - I even gave him a handy fig leaf just in case...    :D   (I'm sorry Apollo Belvedere!!)

See – I even gave him a handy fig leaf just in case… 😀  (I’m sorry Apollo Belvedere!!)

**In case you’re wondering, I have very little control over where my mind wanders on any given day…who knows what tomorrow might conjure!  😉  **