Inter Alia: Results of Autumnal Wanderings

1.  Lots of leaves to peep…my photographic skills simply cannot capture the vibrancy of the scenery but I have a few shots

2. The weather has definitely turned, but the remnants of summer linger here and there…

3.  I have some odd fascination with sheep…

Aren't they adorable?

Aren’t they adorable?

4.   I can spend an hour searching the beach for “treasures”

I see earrings and pendants ....

I see earrings and pendants ….

5.  Despite one turkey induced near panic attack, I had a great day wandering with my husband…we should make time to do it more often!



Inter alia: It’s that time of year again…

I saw the phrase on FB...the pic is mine  :)

I saw the phrase on FB…the pic is mine 🙂

I am off to soak up some autumnal splendor tomorrow…the husband and I are taking a leaf peeping road trip.  Of course, I wanted to know where the best peeping of leaves was to be found and lookee what I discovered…

fall colors

Only a few counties have passed peak color (brown ones) and most are just out there waiting for us in all their polychrome glory.  

(I’ll bet I can find a caramel apple somewhere along the way too 😉  )

Have a splendidly colorful October 10th everyone!!

OT: The other “apple of my eye”

Autumn has arrived in Northeast Wisconsin and with it comes an incredible bounty of fresh picked produce.  We may not be convenient to the theater (as all of my mooing about missing The Crucible attests!) but we have and inside track on a cornucopia of farm to table fruits and vegetables.

This mountain of rooty splendor at a local farmer’s market was like a piece of art

I’ve been hard pressed to keep up with the array of stuff that has passed through my kitchen.  I’ve made several dozen jars of pickles, gallons of tomato juice and tomato sauce, and I still have 1/2 a head of cabbage that is bigger than my head to deal with – I’m thinking a casserole along the lines of deconstructed cabbage rolls…all of the flavor, none of the blanching and rolling!

By far my favorite sign of the season though, is this thing of beauty:

Just look at it!  It's just begging to be bitten into...

Just look at it! It’s just begging to be bitten into…

I love caramel apples!  The sticky, buttery sweetness of the caramel is the perfect companion for tart crispness of the apple inside.  Yum.  Despite their super deliciousness, caramel apples are something of a menace.

1.  It is impossible to retain any amount of adult dignity when you are tearing into a goop wrapped apple on a stick

2.  It is virtually inevitable that you will come up for air with caramel on your nose and juice dripping off of your chin.

In the past I have abandoned my maturity (let’s face it, it wasn’t that hard for me really 😉  )  and tucked into that skewered, sticky splendor but somebody recently clued me in to this:

Wait, what?!

Wait, what?!

It’s ah…OMG!!  It’s a caramel apple but outside in?  Inside out?  All that yummy goodness tucked neatly inside the apple?!  What genius!  Suffice it to say that there are ten pounds of fresh picked Cortland and Snow Sweet apples in my car just waiting to be hollowed out!  (I’m planning to experiment with different concoctions of caramel to see which works best.

Remember Armitageworld…

“An apple filled with caramel of course a day….”


inter alia: Autumnal Redux


As promised, I return with another batch of fall color…some close up, some more panoramic.

I climbed down a trail to the river for this one...

I climbed down a trail to the river for this one…this would be downstream from the previous riverscape

Climbing back up the trail...

Climbing back up the trail…

Fields and forests...lake in the distance.

Fields and forests…lake in the distance.

All in all, autumn has been lovely so far.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by.  There might even be pie!

Someone couldn't resist the urge to nibble at the crust...

Someone couldn’t resist the urge to nibble at the crust…

Happy Fall Armitageworld!

inter alia: “For the beauty of the earth…”

Many of you may be aware  that Servetus and I grew up in practically the same place…only a few miles apart as the crow flies in fact.  As it turns out, we both participated in the same youth musical organization, our part-time high school jobs were only a few city blocks from each other – the probability that we crossed paths at the only Taco Bell in the area after work is pretty high – yet we never met, until Armitageworld that is.  Life is funny that way…things happen that you never expect.   One night this summer, when we had met for drinks at a local watering hole, Servetus remarked about the physical beauty of our home state.  Both the bartender and I “pshawed” the notion, to which Servetus replied, “You only say that because you see it everyday.”  Since that day, I’ve reflected several times on her words and realized that she was right, it is beautiful here…especially so right now as the season shifts from summer to autumn and the verdant green landscape transforms to a patchwork quilt of deep gold, burgundy, red and orange.  All of the following images were shot within six city blocks of my house (my neighbors are right now wondering what my issue is…)

The park at the bottom of my street, trees just beginning to change colors

The park at the bottom of my street, trees just beginning to change colors

Just a peek at the river through the trees..

Just a peek at the river through the trees..

A view upriver... (I'm choosing to ignore the guy next to me blabbing on his bluetooth and harshing my nature vibe...

A view upriver… (I’m choosing to ignore the guy next to me blabbing on his bluetooth and harshing my nature vibe…)

Autumn landscaping abounds with hardy mums , cornstalks and pumpkins (before any horticulturists chime in, I know that's a gourd, just play along will you?)

Autumn landscaping abounds with hardy mums , cornstalks and pumpkins (before any horticulturists chime in, I know that’s a gourd, just play along will you?)

If the trees changing colors and hay bale dioramas weren’t evidence enough, this next image reflects a sure sign of the season in these parts:

first casualty of homecoming week...

first casualty of homecoming week…

Homecoming is a fall tradition in all of the local school districts marked by a week of celebration in the schools, especially the senior high school, culminating in a parade and football game on Friday evening.  The idea is that alumni return to support their alma mater (see, I can work Latin in anywhere!)  A time honored tradition of homecoming is “decorating” the trees of chosen houses with streamers of toilet paper.  I suppose that this is technically considered vandalism, but I think the local police mostly look the other way (informal interview with confidential 16 year old informant reveals that as long as the perpetrators are not in possession of eggs, a blind eye is turned.)  Our house was hit a few years ago…the decorators underestimated the size of the one tree in our yard…a roughly 50′ spruce…and did not know that my husband is a night owl – he interrupted  them in the act, they fled and left us 6 months supply of toilet paper – score!

But I digress.  The point I was getting around to,  was that it is often the case that we miss beautiful things that are staring us right in the face.  We are distracted by a million things from stopping to “smell the roses” from time to time.  Beauty is all around us…whether it is a sweeping autumn landscape or the smile of a child, we just need to see it.  I hope that wherever in the world Richard Armitage is today, he is able to enjoy a moment of beauty, big or small.  I’m going to try harder to notice the beauty around me…I hope you will too Armitageworld.

apple tree