I only have time for a quickie Richard Armitage…

What can I say?  I’m a total sucker for the naughty double entendre…and apparently I’m in familiar company…

 One of the greats.... Source

One of the greats….

Life has been particularly jammed this week….prepping for ShowBiz’ Solo and Ensemble performances on Saturday (which required finding a Ragtime era costume) and Mini Me’s youth group outing on Saturday (which might require a dose of “Mother’s Little Helper”) has kept me jumping.  But that’s all par for the course.

It’s work that has really been the time and energy sucker.  Apparently, EVERYONE, in EVERY department has had their underpants on fire all week, which has resulted in my frequent state of

frequently accompanied by rocking in place...

often accompanied by rocking in place…

Fortunately, I’ve not been going it alone.  In fact, I’ve had some royal protection stationed at sentry:

Chibi Thorin has been perched on the keyboard to ward off encroachers.

Chibi Thorin has been perched on the keyboard to ward off trespassers.

I was feeling quite secure under his furrowed brows…until I relocated to my secondary office this morning that is.  Something seems to have caught Chibi Thorin’s eye…

It's a tough gig balancing on that "Arkenstone"

It’s a tough gig balancing on that “Arkenstone”

I think he might actually take an axe swing at me if I try to move him now  🙂

Happy Weekend Armitageworld!