Moving right along: Blog Introspection Challenge 5,6,7…


Been crazier Crazytown than usual in these parts…I keep saying things are going to calm down and than WHAM!  something new hits the fan.  The crazy eats up my thinking bits, but the least I can do is check in with my latest instrospections…

#5  Which post go the most views?

Consistently, day after day, month after month, etcetera, the page view leader is this one


‘back in the day (can I just mention here how much I hate it when students use that phrase to describe happenings in the “BC times”  ??)  Where was I…right…’back in the day, I used to be able to see where people were visiting from and what posts they were visiting.  Through mid last year, I noticed that I was getting a high number of hits from college and university servers…guess where they were headed?  Yep…college students around the globe were tapping into my “in depth” discussion of Richard Armitage and the classical sculptural canons.  The day I see this post show up as a reference on a paper that I assigned, my head will officially explode!     🙂

#6  Which post continues to give?

It has to be Semper ubi sub ubi Richard Armitage.  It cracks my s#!t up every time I see someone has viewed it…I was just thinking about it Tuesday when I actually uttered SUBLIGACULUM in class!  (and it was even in context!!)

#7 Which post got the most comments?

Definitely this one by far


82 comments on why SPANX can harsh a fan fic writer’s smexy groove.  This is a strong sign that I really need to write that John Porter SPANX spoof…Recovery is in need of an epilogue 🙂

Cruisin’ up on half way through – *snap*


One of my favorite things

Slowly but surely working my way through the Blogging Introspection Challenge (would progress faster if my RL would desist in going pear shaped every other day!)

Question #4:  What’s your favourite post?

It only took me a minute before I settled on This One

favorite postIt marked my first foray into photo edits…evidenced by the fact that I forgot to take out the squiggles (exacerbated by the fact I was doing it at approximately 2am…)  Ahhh, the “good old days!”


Must fly…Showbiz is waiting impatiently in the car for me…

Modus Operandi Obscurae…


Here I am, bringing up the rear again…it’s like 6th grade gym class all over again  😉

The third question on the 15 Day Blog Introspection Challenge is to describe one’s usual blogging process.  Hmmm.  From a logistical standpoint, it’s fairly consistent – I blog directly into the WordPress textbox in the “Visual” mode.  This is harder or easier depending on the device I’m using – easiest on a PC, hardest on the iPad – yep, actually easier on my Android phone – something about WP and iPad is not sympatico, but I’ve made them all work in a pinch.  I think I’ve only had to re-create one mostly complete post from scratch since I’ve been pretty luck with the auto-save function.

I’m not a big draft writer.  Sometimes I draft a title as a reminder of a topic, but I just checked, and there is currently nothing kicking around in the “Drafts” tab.  That’s not to say there’s nothing in various stages of completion that I haven’t applied to text yet…(ie, it’s kicking around in my head, waiting for clarity or opportunity to present itself)  I generally write a post over a period of a few minutes to a few hours, edit it, publish it, curse at the missed typos, edit it again and update.  (I almost never post date publication because I’m totally paranoid that it won’t work.)

As far as what leads me to a particular topic?  That is a varied and sundry thing.  Sometimes I have a piece of artwork in mind that leads me to a comparison to Richard Armitage..


Sometimes I see an image of Richard Armitage and “eureka!!”

It’s a little different process for each of the different post variation.  ὅ παῖς καλός posts are celebrations of the physical beauty of the man and his component parts, while the Roman Virtues series began as a reflection on a level of GRAVITAS that I perceived…and generally expands when I’m struck by some behavior or action by Richard Armitage that connects me back to the virtues.  Sometimes something completely random strikes me Armitag-y.  Sometimes I have a thought in the car on my commute, sometimes I have an unexpectedly sweet dream…

I don’t really plan a whole lot.  Usually, posts happen pretty organically.  In fact, every time I try to implement some kind of structure, something wonky happens that derails it –like the time I rushed to post a news tidbit that inadvertently displayed my university email address on it…oops –  and I revert to a more or less natural flow of ideas.  I kind of like it that way…I find that if I try to plan too much, the whole thing feels forced, and I’d far prefer sporadic spontaneity to scheduled stiffness.  (sorry…I did it again!!).

I’m not sure if that is exactly the answer that I was going for, but, that’s my “organic” response (and it’s 10:30pm and I have an hour commute home on deck…) so I’m going with the flow.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it 🙂



Introspectatus bloggus….

My thanks to Guylty for issuing the challenge at hand


I think it will be a fun activity for bloggers and readers alike.  So, here we go…

1. What made you start blogging?

Let’s see…I was about six months into my Armitage adventure when
a friend issued a joking challenge about Richard Armitage and the Greco-Roman profile.  I kind of laughed it of initially, but then I went to New York and immersed myself in the collection at the Metropolitan museum and guess what? 

I “saw” Richard Armitage EVERYWHERE!! A blog was born 🙂

I had originally planned to focus on the visual…vase paintings, sculpture, etc., but in the past two years I’ve also delved into Greco-Roman mythology, history, drama, virtue inter alia (among other things). I feel as if I’ve just scratched the surface, so I hope you’ll hang around for more 🙂