Red Lip it is…

My little poll came up even, but since I’m currently sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to New York, the timing for “a red lip” seems spot on.

I am certainly no fashion maven. I tend to veer away super trendy style choices in favor of more “timeless” or “classic” styles – read things that aren’t out of style by the time I get home from the shop.  My personal style is predicated by budget (Obscura likes a good deal) as well as a certain sprinkle of goofball.  

I suppose my current travel ensemble bears this out…

Nothing terribly exciting…jeans and a long sleeve tee.  I bought the rust colored jeans last year on super sale…the color is a little out there for me, but they’re growing on me.  The houndstooth slip on sneaker (Old Navy’s version of a Van) is not only fun, but perfect for scooting through the TSA check.

Overall, I like what I like, but I always have a moment of pause when I travel…what to wear, what to wear?  I hate standing out in a crowd as immediately identifiable as TOURIST.  Nothing wrong with being a tourist, I just like to blend in a bit with the local habitat.  

I noticed on my last trip to New York that I had no trouble blending in…dark wash or black denim, boots, dark coat, seemed to be a uniform of sorts.  When I started to plan for my short weekend in NYC for LLL, the offspring formerly reffered to as Showbiz (said offspring has requested to be called Miss Desmond henceforth…yes, in reference to Norma

He approved all my choices (centering mostly around black bottoms and a selection of my favorite tops and accessories.) Lately Miss Desmond has discovered a talent for makeup artistry and so shared the immortal advice,

“You can never go wrong with a red lip Mom”

And so, one trip to the Walgreens cosmetic aisle and about four rejected reds later, we settled on:
“Red Revival”  


….coming soon to a stage door near you!  πŸ˜‰

4 comments on “Red Lip it is…

  1. Hariclea says:

    Ohhh have a good trip and loads of fun! Looking forward to hearing all about it😊 and red lippy always good idea πŸ˜‰ wish i could be there with you ladies.

  2. Maybelline 645 Red Revival. It is my go-to red lipstick!

  3. jholland says:

    Oooh, have fun! And OWN those red lips!

  4. No fashion? Bah! Love the herringbone slip on shoes! Hope you have/had a great time at LLL! Hugs!

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