an Ancient Armitage poetry moment…

Photo by Robert Ascroft Courtesy of

Photo by Robert Ascroft (


At the end of the bough–its uttermost end,
Missed by the harvesters, ripens the apple,
Nay, not overlooked, but far out of reach,
     So with all best things.


7 comments on “an Ancient Armitage poetry moment…

  1. Guylty says:

    Beautiful words. Kind of reminds me of a haiku. And I can see how that would appeal to an Armitage aficionado. Please more, if you come across it.

  2. Teuchter says:

    It certainly appeals to me! 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

  3. linnetmoss says:

    Lovely! Stunner of a photo too. For some reason, I really like his shoes.

  4. Lovely portrait, lovely poem! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hariclea says:

    ohh Sappho, such a way with words she had.. what a shame there is no more of her works for us to enjoy.
    Thanks for the combo, it really works 🙂 The Ascroft that just keeps on giving…. what would we do without it? 🙂

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