Late winter blues

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra (and the tulips that had started to push up in my yard).

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”


This is a basket of laundry I dried on the clothesline day before yesterday.


This is a current view of my clotheslines.


This is me.  That is all.

15 comments on “Late winter blues

  1. Servetus says:

    So with you on this. Big long weekend and we could get a ton of stuff done, but now we have to wait for everything to melt. Again.

  2. Guylty says:

    You look so cute, you sweet little pony, you!
    But seriously – thaT’s scary. Snow? Now, in March? It’s time to hide the eggs – not as much fun in the snow. I really hope it clears up for you, soon!

  3. Hariclea says:

    sigh… it’s a bit like that here too, we get a tease of sun and then back to cold and rain here, snow there… Easter is very early this year though..
    Hope you can at least have some flowers inside to brighten things up πŸ™‚

  4. katie70 says:

    I feel for you because it could have been us. Well it was last week right after the lovely 66 degrees on the 12th, what a great day for a birthday party. Then dumped on but it does go fast. We still have some left but will be able to hide eggs for the great nephews that are not in the snow. One Easter sometime in the 90’s the town we lived in had a contest for the best snow bunny, my oldest came in 2nd. Anything can happen in Wisconsin on the week of Easter, even in April. A couple years ago we had more snow after the March Easter than before. That was the year we where still having snow storms in May.

    • obscura says:

      Yeah…that was a crazy year. (And why I don’t generally plant anything above ground before mid May!). 🌷

      • katie70 says:

        I tend to wait till at lest Memorial Day to plant here in the north. Frost is a bad thing when you got your garden all planted. Thursday I had to go to a doctor appointment in a town 30 miles away, on the way there I kept seeing random chucks of snow on the road. Then I saw a truck with it’s whole front just covered in snow and ice, I think they had it as close as two hours south of us, not for sure. For sure it is Wisconsin and life don’t stop for a little snow or cold, but it is nice to see some warm too. It’s raining tonight.

  5. Servetus says:

    Beautiful day today. Grrr. πŸ™‚

    • obscura says:

      I am usually pretty much unruffled when it comes to weather…I can’t fathom how people actually survive here if the go into a tizzy over out of season storms and what not. This latest one just caught me off guard I think.

      • Servetus says:

        There was a guy interviewed on Fox 11 Green Bay last night who said, “this is Wisconsin. If you don’t like it, you can leave, I guess.” (That just made me fall down laughing. Pragmatism, principle, and Wisconsin nice all in one sentence.) FWIW I think the reason this one was so annoying was all the hype. If this storm had just sort of blown through, everyone would have shrugged. But I heard about nothing other than this storm for 48 straight hours. It was going to create unprecedented chaos. And then nothing about the forecast was correct. So you kind of do that thing where you hunch up your shoulders because “this is Wisconsin” and then you realize that you’ve done it for very little.

  6. Ooh! Now that’s some snow! We’re also seeing some seesaw weather where we live in Illinois. Though 30 years ago, we had significant snow mid-April, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that this year. I hope. Ha! Happy Easter!

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