et alia – So you want to write RAcy fan fiction? Potius sero quam numquam: Preach Livy!

It has been nine months since I posted the last completed chapter of my John Porter/Strikeback fan fiction Recovery on AO3, and coming up on TWO YEARS since I originally wrote and posted it on Dreamer Fiction…Livy is so right…

Potius sero quam numquam:  

better late than never!

The story where I left it, could stand as complete, but I had always intended to return to it to add a final epilogue to tie up a few loose ends.  Lately, I’ve wondered if I would be able to return to it after leaving the characters languishing so long.  It’s not as if I haven’t thought about how I wanted to close the story, and what I wanted to say, it’s just that available time and proper inspiRAtion haven’t seemed to coincide in the past 18 months.

porter smiling

What are you smiling about?

I’m happy to report that inspiRAtion and available time seemed to jell last week and I sat down and mapped out the first section of the epilogue.  Seems my worries about finding the characters again were unfounded.  When I started writing, it was something like reconnecting with an old friend – once the initial ice was broken, the “conversation” began to flow easily.  I’m hoping to have that epilogue posted by the end of January!

I haven’t decided if it should be mostly sweet, or more than a little spicy – any votes?

14 comments on “et alia – So you want to write RAcy fan fiction? Potius sero quam numquam: Preach Livy!

  1. Guylty says:

    That is fantastic news. I cannot wait to see you pick up the story. And I am not even surprised that it felt like a reunion with old friends – after spending so much time with John and Lindsey they must be like family. Hope your creative spell continues – and that you have a bit of free time every week to continue the story.
    Oh, and I think there should definitely a bit of spice in the epilogue. Otherwise it would be out of keeping with the bulk of the work. As you know, I am only reading for the plot… 😉

  2. Servetus says:

    So glad to read this. I vote for spice although writers always tell me it’s painful to delete the sexy scenes when they revise for publication …

    • obscura says:

      Kind of begs the question…if readers like the spice, why does it need to be removed for publication?

      Just me being snarky…I know that mass market publication has certain parameters in this regard. I was also happy to find out that there is a thriving market that has wider parameters for the spicy. 😇

      • Servetus says:

        yeah, there are definitely “alternatives”

        • obscura says:

          I’ve been reading about the difference between erotic novels and a kind of niche genre coined “romantica” by Ellora’s Cave – a specialty publisher.

          • Servetus says:

            Ellora’s Cave has gone through severe financial troubles the last year or so — unclear if it’s mismanagement, the business model, or just shocks to the book market in general — but I agree there is definitely a niche, esp if you do some kind of self-publishing variation.

          • obscura says:

            Really? Interesting, it’s probably been about that long since I was looking around. Of course publication is a long way off…If ever for me 😁

          • Servetus says:

            2016 is your year, baby!

  3. sparkhouse1 says:

    Definitely spicey (I’m on a diet)

  4. Leigh says:

    I vote for spice. You do it so well.

  5. zan, O1C says:

    Spicy, just because 😉

  6. Hariclea says:

    so so happy to read this!!! i do keep going back from time to time to re-read 🙂 More of it sounds great and yes, a pinch of spice for me too please 🙂 For the integrity of the characters’ sake 😉

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