Deja vu


I’m early for being early to MiniMe’s first orchestra concert…she’s in the cello section of the 5th grade (beginner) strings.  They are playing an ambitious song list including:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (in three variations…who knew?)
Good King Wenceslas
Lightly Row
Frere Jacques
Jingle Bells

A moderate preconcert emergency of a mysteriously mobile bow not withstanding, she was excited when I dropped her off at her 6pm call time (stage mom alert)

I remember that excited butterfly tummy feeling.  Especially in this auditorium…where I played all my concerts as a hopelessly mediocre high school violinist.

Break a leg Mini Me (but please don’t break the cello!!  🙂 )


cello concert

by request…MiniMe and cello 🙂

19 comments on “Deja vu

  1. Teuchter says:

    I played cello in the school orchestra many many moons ago! I was always terrified my bow would make a funny noise. You must be very proud!! Make sure to tell us how the concert went! I’d love to know! 🙂

  2. katie70 says:

    I hope Mini Me first concert was great. Son2 played the violin for fours years along with trumpet and son3 the viola for one year. I remember that at their first concert they also played Dreidel. Funny story about son2 the first year he played the violin he broke his G string and told the whole family who could not keep from laughing. At nine he was to young to understand what was so funny.

    • obscura says:

      Hehehe! (no broken strings, but there was a lost bow, a broken bridge and someone kicked the conductor’s violin – she left it laying on the stage!)

  3. Servetus says:

    Will fifth grade orchestras ever stop playing Lightly Row? 🙂 Congratulations to Mini Me and to you.

  4. Guylty says:

    How was it? The important bit is that MiniMe had fun and was proud. That will keep the motivation going.
    I attended daughter’s Christmas concert on Saturday. She plays the trumpet in the academy’s junior wind band.
    And boy, do I remember those 5 Christmas concerts in a row when every recorder player performed individually, and from the same pieces: jingle bells and frosty the snowman times 8. Nuff said.

  5. linnetmoss says:

    Oooh, the butterfly tummy feeling. Scary! Hope Minime had a great time…

  6. Esther says:

    Aw, sweet! How did it go?

  7. zan, O1C says:

    Hope it all went well! Pics? 😀

    • obscura says:

      I am a terrible parent (and Mini Me is my youngest…) Luckily, one of her friend’s parents sat in the front row and took video…I posted a still in the main post.

      • zan, O1C says:

        You are NOT a bad parent! The fact that you got her there, on time, bow included, is evidence to the contrary. I saw the pic in the post and was wondering if you captured any moments of the concert. It’s nice that the other parent did. 🙂

        • obscura says:

          Honestly, it’s mostly that my phone camera isn’t good enough to shoot from that far away. That and an attempt at good concert decorum. It drives me batty when all the LED screens are alight in the darkened auditorium.

  8. obscura says:

    Overall impressions: those fifth graders have come a long way in less than 8 weeks!!

    I had forgotten that special tinny quality of junior sized violins.

    The string teacher might consider focussing less on quantity and more on quality… 6th-8th grade groups and various combinations of the three played something like 15 pieces…15 pieces to master in three sessions a week since September?! That explains why 90% of the missed 90% of the accidentals in the music.

    Once is more than enough treatment of the Pachabel Canon in D (I really can’t stand that piece)

    Beside the orchestra teacher, exactly ZERO teachers or administration attended…Hello? Way to support the arts!! #Epicfail. (Mini Me alerted me to the fact, so the kids definitely noticed)

    Mini ME was mostly happy with her performance…despite “fakin’ it until makin’ it” on Good King Wenceslaus. 😁

    • Hariclea says:

      great!!! i see more showbiz mum activities coming up for you but as long as she had great time that’s the best! what a shame the other teachers didn’t show up, unacceptable really 😦

      hope checklist going well, i started the cooking action today, some stuff needs advance cooking and gets better in a few days 🙂 50 meat-rolls in sour cabbage done!

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