Non est ad astra mollis e terris via Richard Armitage

“There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.”  

These words from Seneca, a Stoic philosopher and courtier of the Roman emperor Nero are kind of resonating with me tonight.  There *is* no easy way – and I’m not even trying to reach the stars – just a sense of balance.  One thing that is definitely out of balance is reflected in the fact that I just noticed that I haven’t posted here in almost two weeks – not from lack of inspiration or desire to do so, rather because for the past few months, by the time I finish the things I must do, I have no energy left to do the things I would like to do, including blogging about my favorite subject.

I haven’t really talked about it much, outside of a few off blog conversations, but since my last bout with vertigo in July, I’d been feeling increasingly rotten most of the time, and my energy levels have been about nil for a couple of months.  Although the way feeling better isn’t exactly easy,  I’m happy to report that the culprit – a biggish gallstone and the overly energetic gall bladder that spawned it are coming out tomorrow.  I know that no surgery is without risks, and that I’ll certainly feel at least somewhat worse before I feel better, but I am really looking forward to regaining some of my lost energy…this constant malaise is getting old, and I have tons to do around here!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”  I’ll be arriving at the hospital at stupid o’clock tomorrow with the promise of new strength and new thoughts in mind

Photo by Guylty

Photo by Guylty

and my favorite Guylty pic on phone to pass the time…

tempus fugit Armitageworld!

12 comments on “Non est ad astra mollis e terris via Richard Armitage

  1. sparkhouse1 says:

    Wishing you well and a speedy recovery. My brother in law is to have the same surgery, no date set yet.

  2. Perry says:

    Same here. Wishing you an easy surgery and speedy recovery.

  3. Guylty says:

    Hope I am not too late in wishing you well for the surgery. Stupid gallstone! But at least it’s a malaise that is relatively easy to remedy. I hope you will be allowed a few days for recovery – which may include extensive time-wasting via Richarding 😉 All the best + lots of love ❤

  4. wydville says:

    Wishing you as little pain and discomfort as possible and a lightning-fast recovery. “Perastika” (still haven’t given time to finding how to type in Greek). Thinking of you: let us know how you get on.

    And Guilty, that is definitely a mega-“oof”!!

  5. linnetmoss says:

    How encouraging to know the cause of your discomfort and how it can be fixed. Good luck and sweet dreams of Richard 🙂
    Fabulous photo, Guylty!!!

  6. zan, O1C says:

    Tons of “successful surgery” and “quick and full recovery” vibes heading your way. *gentle hug* A prescription for a few days of Richarding is recommended. (It did wonders for me when I had mine removed in April. 😉) Let us know how you are doing when you are feeling up to it.

    P.S. Guylty, I do love that pic! ❤️

  7. jholland says:

    Sending hugs and prayers for complete success and an speedy recovery period your way!

  8. Mimi Cruz says:

    Hope all goes well and you recover quickly 😀

  9. Esther says:

    Thinking you and hope everything goes well! Feel better soon!!

  10. Hoping you have a speedy recovery. And remember that though they’ll probably remove your gallbladder laproscopically–as they did mine–it is still major surgery. So don’t let those tiny 5 scars lead you into overdoing it after surgery. Rest & relax, rest & relax, repeat. Hugs!

  11. katie70 says:

    I hope all goes well for you and that your down time is short. Life is much better without that pesky gallbladder to cause problems for you. Remember to take it easy until they give you the go ahead. I had mine out 6 weeks after son3 was born by c-section. I had a major attack at 6 months pregant, was able to sort it out for the rest of the pregancy but not long after.

  12. obscura says:

    Very belated thanks to everyone for the well wishes! I am feeling ever so much better these days!

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