FYI Red Dragon Fans re. #cRAftingForCharity Auction

FANtastic hand crafted items about to be auctioned for a great cause!!

Guylty Pleasure

+++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++ T E A S E +++

You may want to tune in next weekend (19th to 22nd September) because there will be a few essential Red Dragon fan items going on auction here. A fantastic opportunity to get your hands on hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that have been lovingly crafted by talented, fellow fans of yours. What is even better, is, that you probably know those lovely ladies – so not only could you auction something that will remind you of our wonderful Mr A, but also of his creative fans…

Such as…

Nancy aka Sinnamin. I probably do not have to introduce her – I have mentioned her frequently in the past…

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