A brief Richard Armitage vestment retrospective…

Over the years, Richard Armitage has worn a whole lot of suits.  As today, August 22nd marks a new year for him personally, I thought we might take a brief tour of some suit highlights.

spy suit

Spy Suits

I'm so sorry suit

WHY? Suits

three piece suits

Three piece suits and

OH MY! Suits

OH MY! Suits.

rented suits

Rented Suits

plaid suits

Styled Suits

purple suits

Perhaps Plum-o-phile suits…

But today especially, I’d like to point out an especially stunning suit – the oldest one he has…

birthday suit edit

His BIRTHDAY SUIT!!  It’s 44 years old today and looks great on him!!!

Happy Birthday Richard Armitage  🙂

**On this momentous occasion, I’d also like to mention that hell may well be freezing over…you can now find me on Twitter – @AncientArmitage

17 comments on “A brief Richard Armitage vestment retrospective…

  1. Perry says:

    Ha- Lots of skin from you these days. Welcome to the whacky world of twitter.

  2. jholland says:

    I do like the birthday suit. I like it a lot. =)

  3. Whether the cut, or the material, or the man who wears them, some “suits” never go out of style. *wink*

  4. linnetmoss says:

    He wears it well 🙂

  5. Hariclea says:

    twitter, really? 🙂 have.. erm.. fun 😉
    The oldest one is definitely the best one, no wear and tear whatsoever 🙂 Lovely brief post ❤ (and thank you for the cap in action!)
    Oh and i do love the plum number 🙂

    • obscura says:

      Twitter….IKR?! (Here’s the thing…I was jabbering in a program chair meeting how we need to raise the social media profile of the School of Arts and Sciences by having things like a Facebook and Twitter account and pushing things like lecture, exhibit and concert announcements and the student “newspaper” to it for publicity. If talk the talk, I suppose I should walk the walk…I’m already tired though, so I expect my active presence there will be limited 🙂

      I quite like the plum suit myself…but that birthday suit? Splendissimus!!

      • Hariclea says:

        i know, same here, it is all about social media so gotta be on board or at least fairly well informed and have an understanding of how it works… But the good things is you’re not obliged to spend x time on it, you can always close it down , i mean the twitter window 😉 don’t let it swallow you up! 😀
        and yes, Splendissimus indeed… never looked finer i thought… Though i wouldn’t mind same without the waxed body hair 😉 Looking at it always makes me think the clothes to really do him justice have not yet been found 🙂

        • obscura says:

          I’m with you on a general ban on waxing RA…. I get why the did it for this part – body builder and all, but, I have to admit – I’m finding the juxtaposition of his baby smooth torso and legs kind of distracting next to his gorgeous unwaxed forearms…

  6. […] to everyone who pretended not to notice that I was slightly premature with the celebration of the Birthday Suit…I swear – I thought it was the 22nd […]

  7. Guylty says:

    Love this post. And agree – the birthday suit (expurgated version) is the best custom-made suit I have ever seen him in. And hey, he didn’t even need Ilaria to pick it out for him.

    • obscura says:

      I have to admit, I think some of Ilaria’s recent choices are rather redundant…until she claimed it, I totally thought the 2015 Comic Con kit was a combo of previous pieces…the Birthday Suit remains unique (including minor alterations here and there…)

  8. Servetus says:

    It’s also the suit he’s put the most effort into, I think … happy Armitage Day belatedly!

  9. obscura says:

    Reblogged this on Ancient Armitage and commented:

    So quiet here – I’ll fill you in on some momentous events soon. In the mean time, I can’t let ArmitageDay go unmarked, so I’ll revisit one from the annals

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