August 3rd, 2015…current mood:


THEGREATREDDRAGON…packing up for biennial family reunion departure to Oregon… THEGREATREDDRAGON…typical work day tiny atrocities…THEGREATREDDRAGON



T H E  G R E A T  R E D  D R A G O N

Yep…that pretty much covers it!

12 comments on “August 3rd, 2015…current mood:

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    Not sure whether to laugh or offer you a cocktail…hmmm…

  2. Servetus says:

    Someone invented a cocktail for the premiere two Saturdays ago — you could find it on Twitter.

    I just have to say that I’ve seen your teeth and you’ll have to work on it a little harder. 🙂

    • obscura says:

      Alright…I’ll bite (bwahahaha)
      What’s the prob. with my orthodontically enhanced, generically American ca 1983 chompers ? (I’m am extremely slow on the uptake today…I blame the registrar.)

      • Servetus says:

        The Red Dragon wears a horrible denture in the form of Dolarhyde’s grandmother’s misshapen teeth. So you’ll have to get a prosthesis or do something troubling to your own teeth.

  3. Servetus says:

  4. Hariclea says:

    bestest of luck with the mega family reunion 🙂 that would scare me more than the red dragon ;-)))
    have pie 😉 xx

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