Richard Armitage cure-all?

This afternoon I found myself in need of a mood boost (it has been one of those days where pretty much everything that could go wrong or at least sideways, did.)  I skipped lunch because I was in the middle of something, so my first attempt (perhaps misguided) at a mood enhancement was culinary

Coconut cookies...cream cheese...

Coconut cookies…cream cheese…why is this picture so humongous??

Research…OK, comment consensus on Facebook supports that dipping cookies into frosting is not inherently wrong.  However…even my recently confirmed non-diabetic constitution can only take a small does of that (followed by an overwhelming urge to lock the door and take a nap!)

Seeking a less caloric means of attitude adjustment, I clicked over to Tumblr for a little visual lift…

Pardon my prurience, but it's been a really #$%@#$ day! Servetus ScreenCap

Pardon my prurience, but it’s been a really #$%@#$ day!
Servetus ScreenCap

Boom!  Yeah, that’s definitely a cure for what ailed me.  A panacea if you will...did you think you were getting away with out a classical connection?  Pshaw!  Panacea ( Πανάκεια)…the daughter of Asklepios (God of Medicine) and Epione (Goddess of Soothing),  was the Greek goddess of Universal health and she was rumored to have a single potion which she used to heal all varieties of ailments.  Well then, it’s often been cited that Richard Armitage also has a certain cuRAtive effect for a variety of ills….you might even say he’s a RAnacea!  (Sorry…not sorry.  I really have no control over it at this point…)  

On my way over here to tell you all about it, I dropped in at SpReAd the Love to see how the poster drawing pool was shaping up and what I saw really did blow away any traces of ill humor.  What I found were all kinds of new-to-me names reporting acts of kindness given and received…many of them demurring participation in the drawing, but wanting to share in the good will.

One of my very favorite things about this fandom is its capacity for kindness…in and among the admirers, analysts, admiring analysts and analyzing admirers of Richard Armitage, there are a lot of very real, very kind people just going about their business making their corner of the world a bit more pleasant everyday.  Being witness to it never ceases to make my day brighter.

It’s a downright RAnacea!


(Getty Images likes a nice reveal….click on “view image”) 

21 comments on “Richard Armitage cure-all?

  1. Servetus says:

    Mmmm, frosting.

  2. TheMissGreen says:

    Now I want a spoon and a vat of pastry cream. Or chocolate butter cream slathered between graham crackers. Or, or – vanilla ice cream with fresh grated ginger in top. Sigh.

    Salad it is. 😦

  3. obscura says:

    I’d like to point out how for *checking clock* 31 minutes I have resisted the urge to point out the proximity of frosting and Armitage skin…

    • Servetus says:

      this is a case where I personally would stick to either frosting or skin. I find sex involving sticky food to be …. sticky. But: de gustibus non est disputandum.

  4. Perry says:

    I’d go for peanut butter myself – talk about sticky. You know, like in the urban legend.

  5. Guylty says:

    Ok, so what exactly *is* this whipped frosting thing? I just can’t make it out. Is it cream cheese? Or cream? Or a mixture of cream cheese and sugar as in “the stuff you put on cup cakes”? Excuse the ignorance, but according to the above comments, it is an important detail…
    Aside – I see the level of appropriateness has been lowered on this blog, too? 😀

  6. zan, O1C says:

    *fans self* Whoa! Frosting and cookies and RA all in the same post? (It maybe PG-13 for you, but it’s bordering on X in my warped little bRAin. 😋☺️ *giggle*)

  7. I have never had cookies dipped in frosting. What a fabulous idea! It looks yummy 😉

    The second picture is even more yummy IMO. I’m not planning on watching Hannibal but any non bloody nude photos are welcome 😀

    I also had to look up peanut butter urban legend.

  8. Lovely news about the latest STL kindness campaign being embraced!

    And cream cheese frosting is the best! Yumm! Like the beef “cake”, too! *wink* Hope your day is on the upswing.

  9. Hariclea says:

    hope that perked ‘ggg’ things up a lot 🙂
    change that frosting with whipped cream and it is aaaaall miiiiiine! oh, and can he continue doing the exercises while i sit here eating my cookies watching him? 😉

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