It’s Hariclea’s “D-Day”!!

Hariclea d day

The new ArmitageWorld Community Calendar is a little barren for July, but today is “D-Day”  (Discovery Day) for Hariclea of Opera is Magic.  Give her a shout out here, or over at her blog!

The Merriam Webster Word of the Day for today, July 21, 2015 is truculent.  Here’s a little Armitage Truculent for Hariclea’s big day!!

truculent armitage

7 comments on “It’s Hariclea’s “D-Day”!!

  1. jholland says:

    Happy Discovery Day, Hari! Definitely well worth celebrating. Cheers!

  2. linnetmoss says:

    Best wishes for D-Day!

  3. Hariclea says:

    Thanks a mill!! really sorry i never even said a word yesterday and i confess i only got round to looking at WP this lunchtime… which today has been my breakfast time and my first tea of the day and such. I guess anniversary days don’t always fall when it works to celebrate..
    I certainly woke up thinking that as my first thought… but the day just didn’t work out that way and today doesn’t either. I could have just gone with a photo to mark it but i don’t want to do that, it deserves more and deserves my attention and time, which means it will have to wait.
    I love those posters, especially this one and the one with closed eyes… but it is also something that makes me sad as i still haven’t been able to frame any of them so that i can actually look at them whenever i go back home… I shouldn’t moan about RL taking priority, but it seems to be the story of this last year, especially the last 6 months, everything else takes priority.
    I was hoping a year on i’d have a lovely signed poster up on my wall, no such luck.
    But then again i spent 2 months live with the Crucible so i guess in a way yesterday was just a start 🙂 I certainly hope so and i hope that i will manage to spend even if just 1 day doing exactly what i want, just watch a DVD or so and that i will get round to framing one of these posters, even unsigned as they are and that i will get around to getting a decent TV so i can actually download the DT Crucible and look at it again….
    Either way, the lack of time and ability to celebrate does not deter from the fact that R crossing my path a year ago has enriched my life in many great ways 🙂
    Truculent! Ha! 🙂 yes, one could say he sneaked up on me 🙂 not sorry 🙂
    Thanks again for doing what i couldn’t and finding the time to mark this in a way i wish i would have managed to xx

  4. Esther says:

    Happy belated D-Day, Hariclea!!

  5. Servetus says:

    Congratulations! We’re happy you D’d.

    • Hariclea says:

      Thanks S, i’m happy to, getting back to the happy place after work days and i am now all ready for tonight and my DF moment 🙂 Had to keep spoiler free until this evening but back to read everything after tonight 🙂

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