I still think you’d deliver a wonderfully detestable Jason, Richard Armitage!

It’s Medea season again…I love having a new class get their teeth into this play.  Today was the day I throw the discussion turner in and my students rose well to the challenge, several of them noting the timelessness of the themes.  This comment really grabbed me…

“That being said, I think the themes of this play are still relevant today.  I would really enjoy seeing a modern adaption of it performed.  Perhaps it could take place in modern day Dallas, Hollywood, or Wisconsin.” 

Hmmmm…maybe I should get to work on that…especially since I have someone in mind for Jason!

8 comments on “I still think you’d deliver a wonderfully detestable Jason, Richard Armitage!

  1. Servetus says:

    Feeling especially hostile to your children today? 🙂 (just kidding, just kidding)

    • obscura says:

      They’re still breathing…this is simply one of my very favorite assignments. Every couple of months I get a fresh crew to convince that Jason is a total louse!!

      • Servetus says:

        I’m still amazed that that isn’t obvious from the play, but then I guess most of them haven’t been married 🙂

        • obscura says:

          That’s the thing – these are non-trad students…most of them are over 30. They usually get really tripped up in the whole mystical mother love thing …

          Yeah, yeah, Medea is horrid – that is *not* news…but who unleashed her?

  2. Leigh says:

    Jason is a complete louse. Yet Medea fell for him hard, as many women fall for jerks. Her final reaction is both demented and understandable, horrifying and logical. When rotten Jason takes a new bride, what would become of Medea and her children? They would die anyway

    • obscura says:

      This is what I always struggle to make clear…yes, Medea’s actions are awful, but totally predictable. For Euripides, it is Jason who is the architect of this disaster and his punishment at Medea’s hand..the death of his posterity, his name, befits his crimes.

      I’m always stunned by people who read this as “girl power” Ah, no. Quite the opposite

  3. Hariclea says:

    the play fascinates me too; was lucky to see it last year and it was so well done i really felt i could connect with it and understand how she is pushed further and further to the brink. Yes, i like to see him play Jason 🙂

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