By the number of new posts in my reader (I turned off my email notifications because the buzzing was creating a numb spot on my leg) Richard Armitage and the fandom had a productive visit at San Diego Comic Con this weekend.  As always, I’m extremely grateful to all those who built an archive of the event by tweeting, posting, commenting, etc.

As for me, I find that I need to sit these massive media affairs out. (HeRAsy, I know…but keep in mind that I am a resident of Wisconsin who can easily pass by a cheese plate…I’m a rebel of long standing)   Basically, the rapidity and volume of information comes at me too fast and furious and I get completely overwhelmed.  It wasn’t always this way….I was all in for the 2012 Wellington Hobbit premiere…three different computers live streaming and live chatting during the event.  It was exhilarating.

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what has changed…perhaps it is part of the evolution of my fandom, or maybe it’s just bad timing….that is, media events come up when I’m not able to free up the dedicated time.  (I have been anxiously watching the Greek debt talks, but after being spellbound by the new trailer, I did find some time to research how to download from my Hulu service so that I can access the series while traveling in August and maybe, just maybe do a solid for a good pal).

I marvel at those who are in the thick of it, but I’ve come to realize that it’s perfectly OK if the “highlights reel” of the event is more my speed…there’s no cut and dried way to be a fan…viva la variété!

I also learned that the latest Armitage/Hannibal news ran somewhat second to these bad boys today…no, I’m definitely not a vegetarian…

Hail to my dad who seems to have lost his knack for overlooking steak...mine was a perfect medium rare...its a wonder I'm sill alive!

Hail to my dad who seems to have lost his knack for overcooking steak…mine was a perfect medium rare…it’s a wonder I’m sill alive!

I imagine that I will get around to watching some footage here and there…or I won’t, and I’ll still be eagerly awaiting the big July 23rd debut and Armitageworld will keep on keepin’ on.  Armitageworld is awesome that way!!

33 comments on “OversatuRAtion?

  1. Guylty says:

    LOL – heRAsy, cheese plate, rebel of long standing. This was great, Obscura. Thanks for grounding us.
    Can I join you as a fellow heRAtic? I confess, I get rather flustered by these large media events, too – and not necessarilly in the good fangirl way. I feel conflicted between RL commitments and my desire to see everything happening in real time. And then I also experience bouts of envy because I can’t be at an event that others can attend. All flustered feelings of negativity – which I hate. My solution was to deliberately extract myself from the news barrage. Luckily we can rely on our fellow sisters-in-RA to update us. I am very grateful for that. And for your post, publicly admitting this 🙂 xx

    • obscura says:

      At risk of launching into a sermon, I have generally come to the conclusion that if I’m thinking of something element in a certain way, others are too, and I think it’s important that we empower each other to experience things honestly.

      I LOVE going gooey over some new pic or interview and I heartily encourage people to goo it up if the spirit moves, but sometimes it just doesn’t, for whatever reason, and that’s OK too!
      I will say though, that I think the decent thing to do is to respect the tone of a particular conversation no matter what my current position is on the topic….there is really no need for me to bust in and kill other people’s buzz – gooey or not – ’cause I’m not feeling it at the moment…. I guess for me it comes down to mutual respect for my “sisters in RA”

      • Guylty says:

        Yes, yes, yes. Although the dreaded “destination of words” appeal comes to mind. But I agree – I don’t want to kill anyone else’s buzz, just like I don’t want mine to be killed. I suppose we naturally veer towards the people who can help us maintain our brand of fangirling. I am glad that there are so many ways of fangirling over RA. It’s what makes this fun and exciting!

        • obscura says:

          Ugh…yes. To clarify, I have learned along the way that the only behavior I can really control is my own ( I try with my Kids, but they are also “rebels of long standing” – they do a mother proud!) This is especially true in social media I think…people either behave or they don’t, and no amount of earnest exhortation is going to make much of a dent (the behavers don’t require instruction and the non-behavers are generally impervious to it.

          Btw….”Love Shack” is currently playing at the mini mart I’m headed into 😀

          • Guylty says:

            Leading by example. That’s the only approach. Do as you want to be done unto yourself (or whichever way that thing goes… again, was that another one that RA used? *arrrrgh*). Still means that there may be some aberrations coming your way, but they should be the exception.
            I’m heading down the Atlanta freeway… looking for a love getaway… heading for a lo-ho-ho-hove getaway…

          • obscura says:

            Tin roof….RUSTED!!

          • Guylty says:

            LOL – OMG – *that’s* what they say? I could never make out. I always thought she called “Rusty”, the imaginary dog…

          • obscura says:

            LOL!!! I can see Kate Pierson and her giant bouffant hairdo singing it in my mind’s eye!

            I could play “what is that lyric??” all day. One of favorite gaffes was the boyfriend of a college friend who always sang, “big armchair with the light on” to Steve Miller’s “Big Old Jet Airliner” Hilarious!!

          • Guylty says:

            LOL – oh yes. great fun. Mine were never that hilarious, though.

          • obscura says:

            I believe there was a fair amount of “herbal” therapy at play…

          • Guylty says:

            *coughs* No inhalation, of course…

          • obscura says:

            Course not 😉

  2. KellyDS says:

    I enjoyed seeing all the pics and tweets that first day, with the intention of gobbling up all the interviews when they started appearing too, but then my attention span kind of fizzled out. I just speed scrolled through half my Twitter timeline b/c it was repeat after repeat of the same stuff. I’m going to go read a book instead…

    • obscura says:

      Perhaps part of my issue is the repetitive quality of the sort of “live feed” The same questions asked again and again in interviews…it gets a little numbing after awhile.

      I’m generally good with a “snapshot” knowing that I can go back and find more detail if I want it. (Can’t thank all the “chroniclers enough!!)

  3. […] you read Obscura’s post on “OversatuRAtion” today? I have to confess here that I am also what she terms as a heRAtic – in my case […]

  4. Hariclea says:

    ah this is still within my coping limits, but only because RL slowed down Saturday and i caught it was it happened, way behind now 😉 But i never fret it really, last summer i was on the dot a lot of the time because i didn;t do what i usually do in the summer, i stay busy, all i did was 5xTC and that was that. I have to get on with RL, cook, clean, etc stick with appointments and plans i made months ago as i’ve got nobody to roll it onto. And very honestly it is better this way, keeps one sane and grounded which i personally prefer 🙂 I like to play on the edge of madness but not really let it engulf me 😉
    Besides, it has become obvious to me quite a while ago that it is more than ok to run at out own pace, every person has different preferences and RL commitments, all this how good a fan one is etc and how often one is on top of things is irrelevant 🙂 The whole point of liking something is to enjoy it the way one wants to! 🙂
    The chops look yummy!!! i envy people who have the weather and the garden to enjoy barbecues… i really miss that sigh. Bet ther were yummy, did you have potato salad with them? 🙂

    • obscura says:

      I think that’s key…there is no such thing as “the right way to do” fandom. As long as we can avoid running around telling everyone else they are “doing it wrong,” we should each be able to accept and embrace the variation of fandom the works for US as individuals. There are plenty of “either, or” scenarios in life…this just isn’t one of them.

      Those were some monster t-Bone steaks…we had baked potatoes and my favorite Asian inspired Napa cabbage salad…I’m thinking of a weekly recipe feature now 😉

      • Hariclea says:

        yum, would loove to hear about the salad! I’m getting bored with my own variations at the moment and would love some inspiration, especially Asian which i know very little about how to put together but love eating 🙂
        And yeah, each their own fanning 😉 i sometimes do more, other times less, depending on time and mood and such, i happen to be in a ‘i can’t get enough mood’ but it is mostly to do with 1 year from TC and 1 year from everything so this just feeds its, but i have to say i#ve felt more pangs of guilt of some sort since joining the fandom than ever before, for something that i like and that is aggravating me, so i’m trying to manage it 🙂

  5. Perry says:

    I’m with you and Kelly here. I was into the first day, during the Con, and then I became overwhelmed and over saturated, preferring to go back and look at things later. Just comparing my number of posts on Day 1 to yesterday ( the signing), tells the story. But the good news is that all this week I can catch up at my leisure and also focus on Brain on Fire. I’m grateful to all the fans and bloggers who kept with things, to make my life easier this week.

    • obscura says:

      Based on my reaction to the BOTFA press blitz, I gave this one a fairly wide berth because I knew there was going to be a dizzying amount to material…and I don’t willingly do dizzy right now!

      One thing I am perennially grateful for is the fact that all the people who really are amped by this kind of event, provide such comprehensive record that I can peruse at my leisure 🙂

  6. jholland says:

    I kind of lackadaisically looked at whatever pictures Servetus posted, but missed all the interviews. Honestly, I spent a WHOLE LOTTA TIME on the trailer. I was kind of too busy repeatedly watching it and reviewing my gifs to care about interviews. =)

  7. I was keeping up for a while but then I became overwhelmed. Nice to hear I wasn’t alone 🙂

  8. Kathy Jones says:

    I had no idea all the RA related overload of images was happening. While I was experienced the panel (the only thing I budgeted time for) all the other news passed me by. Now that I am home, I have hours of catching up to do along with tons of laundry. For instance, I had no idea there was a book signing across the street. We were in the same hotel, but the area where he tweeted from was off limits to peons. I tried to find a way to circumvent security, but no way. I would have to scale the side of the Hilton. And I couldn’t fit my climbing gear in my bag.

  9. Servetus says:

    Woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do 🙂 This particulate event was kind of a litmus test for me in terms of my own feelings about various things.

  10. linnetmoss says:

    My problem is I can never pass up a cheese plate 🙂

  11. I hear you about being okay with more or less Armitage World media. If there were 36 hours ina day, it would not be enough for real and reel life. Would you believe that I was working in my office on campus on Saturday afternoon? I was, and it stormed like crazy for 3 hours. So I’m very grateful to those who shared or reshared pix of SDCC.

    And Obscura, you’re a Wisconsinite and you walk blasely past cheese? That’s like an Illinoisan (the “s” is pronounced like a “y” for non US folks), not eating corn on the cob. I cut my teeth on corn. Ha!

    P.S. The steaks looked scrumptious! Does your Dad give grill tips? My hubby so often burns whatever is there–and not even scraping off the outer burned part makes it salvageable. Ha!

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