“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

This idiom popped into my head just now as I took a look at the latest airport pic of Richard Armitage (at JFK this time…)  The man does get around.  The way my brain works, the pic also made me wonder about a side of travel that I was ruminating on yesterday as I returned home from my brief runaway…

fb snip

While the Greyhound Bus trip always yields a fascinating cross section of society, a clip from my RL Facebook feed reveals me pondering how it is that I always seem to end up in proximity to a certain demographic.  Don’t get me wrong, the smelly self talkers need to get from point A to point B as much as I do, but some days, my tolerance for the special combination of fermented male funk combined with a running stream of nonsensical gibberish, is fairly low.   Even so, although there were plenty of open seats on the bus, I couldn’t seem to bring myself to move…I didn’t want to offend the guy.  (I have to say though, that had he reached through the seats and grabbed me the way he did the woman in front of him, there would have been a rapid exodus on my part…offense or no.)

As much as Richard Armitage travels, it stands to reason that in addition to the occasional ad hoc photographer, he also encounters his share of the smelly and the chatty (I’m sure first class travel weeds some of this out, but not all…).   I wonder how he usually deals with it…polite smile and plug in the headphones?  A quick seat switch?  A quelling John Proctor style frown?  Questions for the ages…

21 comments on ““A rolling stone gathers no moss”

  1. Guylty says:

    Commiserations on the olfactorily offensive travel scenario. Mind you, I did have to laugh…
    As for Armitage – ah, come on, Obscura!!! You’ve obviously never travelled in First Class!! Eh, neither have I. But on my recent travels I took the opportunity to have a quick look into the higher spheres of VIP travelling. Darling – the seats in First Class are so wide, with extra space between them, there is not even a chance of the faintest whiff. (Which makes the whole fantasy of ending up beside RA on a transatlantic flight rather obsolete…) And that is if he isn’t seated in one of those sleeping pods – which are completely private with the seat back in front, window and own seat back creating a neat little enclosed space that neither funk nor pheromones will penetrate. There you have it.
    Welcome back!

    • obscura says:

      Buzzkill 😉

      You are correct of course…I have flown business class exactly once on a short hop from Athens to London…otherwise I’m back with the masses in coach 🙂 I’ve not yet seen the pods…seems kind of lonely. As much as I get worn out, I also get a huge charge out of the slice of life that is travel!

      • Guylty says:

        Sorry, yeah, I was a total spoil-sport. AND kind of implying that RA was flying Arroganzky Air *coughs*.
        I’ve never been on Business Class. If I was a millionaire, I might consider First Class – not to avoid the hoi polloi, but to be able to stretch out on long-distance flights… It must be glorious to do that.

        • obscura says:

          🙂 I got a last minute upgrade that one time, but I was too overwrought from leaving my summer dig romance to even appreciate it!

          The long haul stretching out must be AWESOME…I’m 5’8″ and I’m cramped. I can’t imagine how people over 6′ origami themselves into coach!

          • Guylty says:

            Origami LOL… We had seats at the emergency exit on our recent long-haul flights. So plenty of legroom as the space in front of the emergency doors is kept free. Drawback: that is also where people wait to go to the toilet. And the cabin galley is beside it, too, so a lot of noise whenever food preparation was going on. I have to say, those pods looked like heaven to me, from my perspective in coach class.

          • Hariclea says:

            LOL i love how you from across the pond call London-Athens a short flight :-p
            i also got upgraded twice on a similar journey and almost felt embarrassed by being paid so much attention by the utterly nice flight attendant- male 🙂 But i did let him mix my cocktaisl nevertheless ;-)))
            So i’m Guylty there, don’t think he gets the smelly chatterboxes next to him, ever. Or has to travel with hand luggage only 😉
            Those are reserved for you and me and people like us who uses buses, London night buses are also a complex cross section of alcohol indulging, kebab eating society :-)) Sometimes i want some myself and some other times the burping and smell is a bit much 😉
            But i like the bus and looking out and also seeing what other people do…

  2. Servetus says:

    It’s hard to imagine him being chatty — but maybe he’s smelly?

    Happy Fourth of July weekend.

    • obscura says:

      As you know, I am not beyond being chatty myself, but I do try to respect people’s right to be silent on a flight…having once been held “hostage” by a flight neighbor determined to convert me, headphones and feigned deafness are golden.

      • Servetus says:

        I’m polite to silent on international flights (introvert overload alert!) but if I were next to him, I would be mute for the rest of the flight, and pretend to sleep.

        • obscura says:

          I hazard to say that I’m a great row-mate. Habitual sleep deprivation makes me prone to travel induced narcolepsy…If I do it right, I crawl into the window seat, get situated and don’t move for 6-10 hours. The last time I flew transatlantic alone, when I woke up, the guy sitting next to me said, “Thank G-d…we thought you might be dead!” LOL.

          • Servetus says:

            Back in the day when you could drink for free on those flights, my strategy was: stay awake at least 24 hours prior, get on, eat dinner, have several glasses of wine before, during and after, which takes you to about hour 2, and then sleep as long as I could …

          • Perry says:

            If I were sitting next too Richard Armitage, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to eat and I might be afraid to sleep. But he might be the person I ask to put my carryon overhead, no matter who he is. I couldn’t or wouldn’t open my laptop – for obvious reasons. In general, I’m a good rowmate, too. As long as I have the window. For long travel, like Servetus, I have my meal ( with alcohol) plug into a book on tape, add eyeshades, a blanket, pop a pill and awake an hour before landing, just in time to hit the ladies’, freshen up and have breakfast. It works every time.(My pill of choice depends on the length of the flight)

          • obscura says:

            Lol…note to self : change desktop image on iPad prior to flying out of JFK…just in case 😉

          • Hariclea says:

            not change desktop image, buy privacy screen 😉

        • Hariclea says:

          not even a smile? ohhhh…. don’t think i could stop myself from having a look and smiling.I sometimes like to smile at flight attendants too 😉 That is when i am not head-phoned and fast asleep

  3. jholland says:

    Hard to imagine him being anything but polite on a flight. I would think he’d be reserved, though. Wouldn’t I love to find out! =)

    • obscura says:

      I’d guess someone would have to be extremely provoking to elicit more than a foolish rebuff. (But…I bet that every now and then he secretly grits his teeth like the rest of us at the person blocking the aisle with a bag while talking on the phone during boarding 🙂 )

  4. Perry says:

    LOL Obscura. He might be interested in your posts , and seeing how he stacks up against the two Greek idealized masculine forms.

  5. Hariclea says:

    one thought though… my gruesome experience of 5-7 am flights tells me that the chatterboxes who are a pest at that time a day tend to be men! The times i’ve had them business people sat next or close to me nattering loudly non non stop about football or some such all throughout the flight while everyone else was desperately stuffing their ears trying to sleep… sigh!

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