Bummer: 0 for 3 on The Crucible download…

Three tries, same laptop, different internet servers.  Best result:  97% complete…APP CRASH.

I KNOW - It's really pissing me off too!! Source

I KNOW – It’s really pissing me off too!!

I have had no problem streaming – apart from finding the requisite time, but I want that *bleep* download I paid for.  I guess I have to bite the bullet and contact Digital Theatre.  While I’m sure their technicials will be perfectly polite,



I find IT conversations perfectly excruciating…

But, at least it’s Friday right?!

Happy Weekend Armitageworld!

21 comments on “Bummer: 0 for 3 on The Crucible download…

  1. Fatima says:

    Hi. Have you defragged your hard drive? Cleaned out the download folder? I just thought I would throw those out to your and see if they work for you. I understand your frustration. On my end it’s not about a download with IT. I had this printer problem, and it’s a case of many cooks in the kitchen. I am the reluctant cook. 😦

    • obscura says:

      I am willing to try about anything at this stage. I’m not in a huge bind, it just makes me nuts when I can’t make it work! :statement

    • Perry says:

      What worked for me, with the same problem you described, was uninstalling whatever files did download for the Crucible ( there were some in SD and some document files) and uninstalling the DT desktop player. I reinstalled the player, and the next time I downloaded, I got to 100% and it verified correctly.

  2. MaryJaneZigZag says:

    Sorry t hear you’re having difficulties.I had issues with the DT player & had to contact the IT staff who were very helpful. If you have McAfee antivirus, try disabling it and downloading the player. Then sign in &proceed with the download. Good luck!

    • obscura says:

      I think I will also try uninstalling and reinstalling the player just to see if it helps…

      • Adobe Air is kind of a dink 😉 I scrapped everything, re-installed Adobe Air & the DT player (with McAfee disabled) & whizzed thru the download in about 40-minutes. I hope you have good luck & get the play. Although I am no Miller fan, this production was pretty jaw-dropping to watch. Can only imagine what it was like in person. 🙂

    • KellyDS says:

      oh, this might be what has been tripping me up! I’ll try it 🙂

  3. I was able to download it but when I played back on my laptop after about an hour it would lag. This was the downloaded version not streaming. It happened in different places so I was pretty sure it wasn’t the download. I know this is different than your problem but it might have similar fixes. I went online and searched for ways to speed up my laptop. I only went to reputable sites and followed the suggested instructions. I can now play the download with no lag and a side benefit of a much faster laptop. Defragging, cleaning the registry, deleting a bunch of apps that were running on start-up (so running in the background all of the time) were among the things I did.

    I hope you get it to work soon!

    • obscura says:

      All are good maintenance tips for sure. It just doesn’t seem like a 6GB file should cause this much problem. It’s hefty, but I’ve got SD cards 10x that size.

      I will perservere! 😉

    • jholland says:

      I contacted DT about this problem and tech support says the desktop player will automatically stream unless the laptop or computer is offline, even if the files are downloaded. If it’s online, it automatically streams. This isn’t clear from their instructions, but if you want to play it offline, make sure you turn off the wireless.

      • OMG! I have had an ongoing problem with wireless and my laptop but because I had downloaded The Crucible I never imagined I was streaming it. My wireless is on all of the time. What could be the reason to stream something you have downloaded? I am very confused and a little ticked at DT for not making it clear.

        • jholland says:

          Yes… I contacted them because I had the HD download but it was looking crappy and had issues with the soundtrack when I played it on the home PC. Turns out I was trying to stream an HD file on a computer that took 34 hours to download, living out in the boondocks as I do. When I turned off wireless, it played beautifully. It’s weird. They should change that desktop player to have a button that says Play Offline or something.

        • Hariclea says:

          upsy, those are not so good setting to the player, but in any case cleaning your PC out was a good deed which it will be grateful for 🙂 I muck about with big files all the time and and having minimal programs running is a cardinal rule as is keeping your PC as empty as possible 🙂 the more running space, the better the performance 🙂

  4. Guylty says:

    Reading all this really puts me off forking out 12 effing GBP. I was looking at it today but then couldn’t decide whether I wanted to download onto my laptop of my PC. At this stage, it looks as if it will be neither.
    Hope the suggestions from the ever helpful community of well-wishers will sort you out and you will finally see this fine piece of drama.

    • obscura says:

      It’s primarily bugging me because I am relatively tech savvy but I am getting nowhere on this. I can still stream it, so it’s not like I’m unable to watch at all. (I just don’t have a strong WiFi signal in my “private theatre” so I especially wanted the download.

      • Well at least you had that, so that is good. Streaming was not running smoothly for me at all, so I had to download it just for a smooth play. It was the HD version, so it took a very long time to download.

  5. I had the same problem–but mine would get to 100%, then fail because my internet connection had timed out after 10 yrs. I had gone back and forth with the Digital Theatre Tech support–who are great!–I even uploaded a newer Digital Theatre Player software version at their suggestion andlink that was supposed to have fixed the bugs. But in the end, the HD took too long to download and my session kept timing out. I have a DSL modem connection.

    So I switched to buying the SD version and it downloaded in about 4 hours. Snap! And Digital Theatre said that they will refund my HD version cost since I couldn’t download it and I deleted the HD version from my library.

    So, I plan to watch The Crucible this weekend.Yay!

  6. Hariclea says:

    Hi O, they mentioned in their emails that they had upgraded the player software so uninstall the old one and reinstall the player from the website 🙂 I think that should sort it out 🙂

    Having said that i still haven’t even visited the DT website, every time i look at my tiny laptop which is now about 6+ years old and has a 10″ screen i think.. probably not worth it..

  7. […] yesterday and realized there’s plenty more of those to cover.  Of course, once I solve my download issues, I will finally tackle the Sophocles-Armitage connection vis-à-vis The Crucible.  Things have […]

  8. I don’t if anyone has mentioned here, but some ISP’s will slow bandwidth during high traffic times. (Throttling) Just something to consider researching with yours. I had to attempt the download twice myself. Third time was the charm. The first download took all night and still was not complete. The second time got held up, but at least picked up where it left off. The third picked up where it left off and in about 30 minutes it was ready. It was frustrating, so you are not alone. Be tenacious. 🙂

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