Death, taxes and Richard Armitage et alia Obscura inevitables

It’s February 7th and I have had a trying week filled with “Obscura inevitables”

1.  When needing to travel for work, my cell phone will refuse to charge – leaving me vulnerable to a lack of roadside assistance.  Since I’m blogging from the comfort of home this turned out to be moot, but even so…who runs around without a functioning mobile phone in the wilds of the Upper Midwest I ask you??

2. Traveling out of town for work will always be in the depth of winter and naturally coincide with a dumping of 11.5 inches of snow on a destination which has “run out of plowing and road salt budgetary funds resulting in the unplowed state of side streets.”  

3.  When needing to be at a departmental meeting the morning after traveling out of town for said department, my cell phone will refuse to charge – leaving me without access to my calendar for the next day. (see “1” above.)

4.  At the most inconvenient point possible, after traveling out of town for work in a rental vehicle, my personal vehicle will decide to flip me off AFTER the return of the rental vehicle, necessitating procurement of a ride back to rent another vehicle whilst my own is being repaired by a mechanic who looks at me like it’s weird that my car appears to be housing a family of four.

Etcetera, etcetera. etcetera…so goes my week.  In and amidst all of this bounty, I received word that a lovely woman from church, on the way to visit a sister dying of cancer, had been involved in a terrible auto accident which killed her passenger, another of her sisters.  Death is an immutable fact of life, but I cannot imagine the devastating contemplation of the loss of two sisters at all, not to mention while she herself is struggling to recover from her own serious injuries.  Any positive mojo into the universe on her behalf is appreciated.

On to taxes:

“Every organized society throughout history has had taxes…whether they were paid in peanuts or diamonds, taxes are taxes.”  Prof. Obscura uttered this sentence in all of her intro classes this week as, we begin talking about the criteria of state level societies.  For those of you unfamiliar with US tax code, it’s income tax time.  Generally speaking, people filing tax returns well in advance of the April 15th deadline are expecting a refund from the Internal Revenue Service.

I did it, I did it, I did it!!  Hurray                     ....Dora the Explorer

I did it, I did it, I did it!! Hurray!!!
….Dora the Explorer

You guessed it…after grappling with the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue site (FYI:  WIDOR e-file is not a fan of Google Chrome) I am now in anticipation of my annual tax refund.  We won’t be running away for a luxury vacation, but yipee…Look out Blue Harbor, here we come to take a dip in the human stew of the indoor waterpark!!   Better yet, I can check this one of my “To Do” list.

Last but not least, there’s Richard Armitage.  So much going on right now.  So much that resonates on a personal level with me that I seem to make connections all over the place.  For instance, this appeared on my RL FB wall this week:

Words to live by from an icon of my youth

Words to live by from an icon of my youth…

That picture of Fred Rogers, beloved by PBS watching “children” of a certain vintage immediately called to mind this favorite of mine…

Mr. Rogers a la Richard Armitage Photo by George Pimentel

Mr. Rogers a la Richard Armitage
Photo by George Pimentel

…which always makes me smile.  You see, Armitageworld has become a place of refuge for me…a place where I can express myself and enjoy the company of a great group of people.  Despite the frequent drama….I don’t often comment on it publicly, but I definitely am aware of it and the fact that it so very often seems to emanate from a few predictable sources…I cherish this place…warts and all I guess!

19 comments on “Death, taxes and Richard Armitage et alia Obscura inevitables

  1. Servetus says:

    Since I got my new job, the first thing I do every morning when I walk in is put on my hoodie (to stay warm in my freezing office). I sympathize with you on the cell phone issues … and yeah, Armitageworld is now somehow inevitable.

  2. linnetmoss says:

    You already did your taxes? You are AHEAD of the game! And I chuckled when I saw the sweater photo. He really does look a bit Fred Rogers. I’ve always wanted to have a neighbor just like him 🙂

  3. Leigh says:

    Obscura and Serv, you and RA make my day! *chortling in spite of death, taxes, and recalcitrant technology*

  4. I have a small fan in my office, too–and a lamp instead of using the ceiling light.
    Sorry about your friend’s injury and loss. Prayers.
    If my hubby’s employer’s w-2 website would let us in, we would be done with our taxes.

  5. I’m sending positive mojo to the lady from your church. My heart goes out to her.

    It is the little things that often put us over the edge, eh? I feel lost if for some reason my cell phone isn’t within reach. Traveling any distance without it is downright frightening!

    I am very impressed with the fact you have your taxes done. Wow!

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