Oh FUNK it!

When Richard Armitage is eventually interviewed vis a vis his role in Hannibal, I hope someone asks him about his Francis Dolarhyde/The Tooth Fairy playlist…I would love to know what he listens to in order to channel into that kind of darkness.  Music can have an enormous impact on mood, so to offset the curtain of darkness playlist, I’m going crib from my pard Jazzy and suggest a short alternative that is a massive upper for me…headphones at the ready everyone???

Sorry...got tired of tinkering with the headphones, but you get the picture... Original Photo:  Robert Ascroft

Sorry…got tired of tinkering with the headphones, but you get the picture…
Original Photo: Robert Ascroft

Lately, I dread getting into the car for the morning kid dropping run.  My children have effectively commandeered the car audio and isolated two stations of Top 40 hits and inane morning DJ chatter as supreme – let’s just say, not my preferred fare.  This morning I got in the car to find ShowBiz son already buckled in with the radio blaring.  When I turned it down to the less than ear bleeding level he said:

“Mooooom!!  That’s my JAM!! (I cannot, under pain of death, remember the song, but there was nothing Jammin’ about it!)   

We had a volume control skirmish for the duration of the track during which I established that the driver ALWAYS has the last say in car radio related policies…for instance, two engagement ring commercials later when the opening notes of MY jam thumped softly, I said:  “Now *this* can be loud!” and cranked the volume and commenced the car seat boogie….(with the added bonus of the opportunity to hear “Moooom!  Stop seat dancing in front of my school!!” as I drop him off.  🙂  )

Give it a listen…I defy you to sit still 🙂  I am not a huge fan of Bruno Mars, but I do like his funk chops.  (He leads the vocals and played the drums on the recording of the song.)  The first time I heard it reminded me distinctly of a song that first planted the funk seed in my dark little headbanging/alternative rock soul.

Morris Day and The Time circa 1984

Morris Day and The Time circa 1984

The first time I heard Jungle Love was in the context of the film Purple Rain,  a rock music drama released in 1984 centered around the particular talents of Prince.  Morris Day and Time played a musical role as the rivals of the new kid (Prince) named “The Kid” for top billing in a Minneapolis nightclub.  The film is sort of forgettable (sorry Prince fans…the music was great…the acting???), the funkalicious goodness of Jungle Love stuck with me.  It sprouted up in college when I followed a band on the leading edge of the local funk-rock fusion scene and the when the funk beat and horns merged together with the heavy metal guitar virtuosity of Nuno Bettencourt and the band Extreme in the early 1990’s in a darker, yet no less funktastic product:

My mood lightening recommendation…start by Getting the funk out and fall in Jungle Love on the way to Uptown Funk.  

(I can’t believe I might have missed the funktacular little gem that is Uptown Funk had my kids not forced me to sit through Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo everyday!)

In the words of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic:

We want the funk!  Bring us the funk!

Go get your funk on Armitageworld!!


21 comments on “Oh FUNK it!

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    We’ve discussed the unbearable fineness of Nuno Bettencourt, right? And you can crib me anytime, dude! I’ve been debating a playlist for FD but am a little afraid…

    • obscura says:

      Nuno Bettencourt…unbearably fine? And how (did you know he tours with Rhianna these days?)

      FD…I know – what kind of twisted rabbit hole is that?

  2. Guylty says:

    OMG, Nuno Bettencourt!!!!!! Do you remember that picture of him, in the nip, only with his guitar as cover???? I had never been into long-haired guys, and was actually a slightly prudish early-twenty-something, but I had *that* photo on display in my student studio-flat, bang in the middle, for all to see, because he was – so – HOT!!!! (NSFW – but I think it was this one: http://s2.photobucket.com/user/thegreatestgirl/media/music/Nuno/nunosouls.jpg.html ) My mother was *not* amused when she came to visit and I had forgotten to take it down LOL
    Anyway, playlist for Hannibal? TBH, I think RA needs some darker and heavier stuff to get him into the character of Dolarhyde. I am tempted to suggest Rammstein except I doubt he’d subject himself to *that*. How about this – my current favourite by Napalm Death. “You Suffer” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybGOT4d2Hs8. Possibly even better in the definitive live version recorded at Wacken (Germany) in 2009 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtD7hVmERm0
    (Do you think I should suggest this to him on twitter?) 😉

  3. […] Armitage is in Toronto to do Hannibal and I normally do a playlist and if you haven’t read my sidewinder Obscura’s funkadelic playlist from today you should totally go do that because it’s far more danceable than this is going […]

  4. Reblogged this on crystalchandlyre and commented:
    Agreed. This removes all dark thoughts, for certain.

  5. linnetmoss says:

    Thanks for the introduction to Nuno!! I “nu” nothing of him before, but what a Beauty 🙂 And he sounds good too.

  6. Servetus says:

    The bartenders who close at The Best Bar in the World, who have to listen to unbearable German oompah music for their entire shifts, switch to a channel called Dumpstaphunk when they lock the doors (I am allowed to sit at the bar and keep them company till they leave). It always totally fixes the mood.

  7. Hariclea says:

    must check these out 🙂 saved them as currently on set of Eastenders and that would probably not gown down well here if the finance person suddenly played that loudly 😉

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