Back in August, at the premiere of Into the Storm, Richard Armitage responded to a question about Detroit autos which led me into a foray on American muscle cars and my fondness for the Dodge Charger.

Lo and behold, today my RL Facebook feed popped up a Buzzfeed quiz: What Muscle Car are You?  Obviously, I dove right in and as The Fates would have it, check out the result:

If it isn't The General Lee again!

If it isn’t The General Lee again!

You are so right BuzzFeed…I love me some Hemi!!  As chance (or is it fate again?!) would have it, I also remembered something I’d seen last night.  After a long, frigid ride home in my unheated *so not a Charger* vehicle last night, I warmed up with a post titled “Baby It’s Cold Outside” at Nowhere in Particular.  I caught a peek of it in KellyDS’s banner and went in for a closer look.

Richard Armitage - October 2012 Photo by Robert Ascroft

Richard Armitage – October 2012
Photo by Robert Ascroft

I should have seen it before, but I’ve gotta admit….that dude in the coat is major distraction.  Look closer…what is that in the background?  Could it be?  I think it is…

My crop

Those headlights look familiar… My crop

That looks suspiciously like a late model Charger idling in wait…Can you hear the hemi?

“Vroom…vroom.  Nice coat handsome – need a lift?”

Maybe it’s coincidence.  Or *maybe* the Charger is the  influence you believed to have disappeared from your life will resurface mentioned in my horoscope last week… Only time will tell!   🙂

12 comments on “Cha…cha…cha…CHARGER!!

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    Good catch, Obscura! We should totally start some ludicrous “Paul is dead” conspiracy theory based on that, right? One of the clues in the Beatles one was a license plate in the background of a photo.

  2. Guylty says:

    LOL, Obscura, your talent is wasted here. You should start an “AutomotiveArmitage” blog. Soon.

  3. Servetus says:

    Do you think all this talk about the BMW has been subterfuge to keep us from looking for him in the vehicle he actually drives?

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