In case you might be interested…

or, I’m just too freakin’ lazy and holiday brained to actually write a blog post before I enter into the pre- New’s Eve maw of the ginormous grocery store.  (It must be done…as I’m otherwise making a “tasty” casserole for dinner from the ketchup and saltine crackers I have on hand in the mostly barren pantry.)  

Until my brain is back to functioning on all pistons, I thought perhaps I might follow KellyDS’s example and answer my own questions from my Liebster award post (and that’s not to say that Kelly’s brain is not functioning on all pistons, just that…Oh blerg, you know what I mean right?!)

Here we go:

1.  As an homage to my home state:  What is your favorite dairy product (or non dairy version for the lactose intolerant/vegan)

To quote the sister of my bestie, “On the 8th day G-d created cream cheese, and it was good.”  Yeah, definitely cream cheese – it goes sweet, it goes savory, it even goes just fine naked.  It is o-so-versatile.  Case in point:  was pressed for dip for a last minute buffet.  What do I have to work with?  2 deli packets of mayonnaise, milk, chili powder, homemade dill pickles, garlic salt, ketchup AND…you guessed it:  CREAM CHEESE!  Into the bowl…a pinch of that, a shake of this, two fingers of the other and a squirt for good measure…blend well et voilà:  Taco Dip!  I give you, CREAM CHEESE!  (Yeah, um sorry…but it’s just…)

2.  Richard Armitage:  Beard, Stubble, Freshly Shaven???

Good gravy how I struggled with this one…let me start by saying that I was once an avowed anti-beardist, but I have to admit that Richard Armitage with a beard has definitely grown on me.  The recent Sarah Dunn pix, the ITS premiere, earlier images from the Project Magazine shoot…beardalicious!

Nice coat, but you'll probably need a hat... Photo by: Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine

Nice coat, but you’ll probably need a hat…
Photo by: Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine

Freshly shaven Armitage is a hard image to come by these days…I have secretly wondered if shaving irritates sensitive skin or he just can’t be bothered on a daily basis.  Either way, I’m not complaining because it generates the most appealing stubbled look.  Light stubble, heavy stubble…recent salt and pepper stubble…it’s all good!

Source:  Guylty

Source: Guylty

3.  For the writers and readers…how do you take your fan fiction?  Sweet and fluffy, hot and spicy or all points in between?

Frankly, as long as it’s well written and more or less betaed, I’m in.  That said, I tend to gravitate toward plot driven stories with at least a sprinkle of sexy woven throughout.

4.  If you could live anywhere in the world (supporting yourself being a given) where would you choose?  Why?

If I could guarantee adequate funds to travel back to visit my family, I would love to live in Greece – one place in the mountains and one near the sea.  I love the people, I love the landscape, I love the food…I don’t so much love the economy, but no place is perfect right?

5.  What is your favorite artistic genre (medium?)…Favorite piece therein?

hmm, hmm, hmm….I think I will go with MOASIC.  I am endlessly fascinated with the depth of detail that can be achieved by piecing together tiny bits of colored stone…it almost has a pixelated effect on close inspection.  Just for the sheer, crazy amount of detail, I’ll go with the Alexander Mosaic from the atrium of the House of the Faun at Pompeii

6.  What film remake would you really love to see Richard Armitage star in?

Richard Armitage as the smoldering Maxim deWinter?  I’m in…Let’s have a remake of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca!

7.  What’s your favorite way to spend an unexpected free day?

These days, I long for the time to just stare out a window for an hour brainstorming, and then write, write, write.

8.  Richard Armitage recently tweeted that eating (cheesy potato dish I can’t remember the name of at the moment **update**  It’s called Aligot) will change your life.  What is your life changing food?

Avgolemono.  It’s a Greek soup…egg and lemon.  The broth is a chicken base fortified by egg that makes it slightly thick and oh so delicious.  On the front end you taste a creamy chicken soup, usually with orzo or rice, and then the most amazing punch of lemony tartness at the end.   Mmmm…and then there is the texture.  It’s not thick like a cream soup, but rather smooth…like a silk caress – *cough*   Like I said, life changing 🙂

9.  Beer, wine or “I never touch the stuff” ?

I honestly don’t drink much – not from any personal prohibition, rather lack of opportunity.  I have the most pedestrian taste in wine…I can’t drink reds, as they give me the most horrendous headaches, and my taste in white…let’s just say I probably can’t tell the difference between a chardonnay and a pinot grigio without the label in front of me.

I will try just about any beer at least once.  I have an affection for microbrews…I love Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing. (It’s a milky pale farmhouse ale.  If you want to try it, you’ll have to come to Wisconsin…they only distribute in state.  But, as an added incentive, they have the most amazing tasting patio at their brewery!)  I recently tasted a really good IPA – kind of grapefruity, but I was distracted by the spicy deep fried pickle chips and forgot the name of it for future reference!

10.  What is your guiltiest guilty pleasure (outside of fandom…I’m not sure I want to classify that as a *guilty* pleasure 🙂  )

Oh man – alright fine.  Doritos.  ’nuff said.

11.  What musical instruments do you play?  (Kazoo *is* an instrument!)

I can plunk along on the piano, strum a little on an autoharp, I play hand bells and chimes (I’m in the “battery” section of the choir – F & G and all sharps and flats in between.) and once upon a time I was a decent violinist.  To my shame, I have never mastered the fine art of the kazoo!

There you have it…a small batch of random insider info on your’s truly.  I am off to the store – if I don’t make it out in time,

A Happy New Year to all!

6 comments on “In case you might be interested…

  1. KellyDS says:

    I was feeling a bit out of my element with the fancy food names but then you said “Doritos” and now all is right again!
    I use Sour Cream in the same way that you use Cream Cheese. it’s called being “resourceful” 😀

    • obscura says:

      LOL …you know, I don’t really even feel that guilty about Doritos…I mean seriously, whatvelae us one supposed to dip into on the fly Taco Dip??

  2. jholland says:

    I hear you on the cream cheese. Amazing stuff. Simplest dip for chips in the world, and always have people asking for the recipe = your favorite salsa + whipped cream cheese. I almost hate to give the recipe away because everyone always thinks I’ve done some amazing amount of work. Lol

  3. Servetus says:

    Totally with you on the soup. It IS life changing.

  4. katie70 says:

    I pretty much have not met a cheese I didn’t like, that said dairy is starting not to like me. I eat it in small potions once in awhile.
    I don’t do beer but son1 likes New Glarus Stopped Cow, I drink very little.

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